Hell Hath No Fury

The scene is dark with an impeccable consciousness of regret hovering over you as you eat the third handful of buttery, salty popcorn. A few kernels spill over failing to make it to your mouth but your eyes are pasted onto the pail nonpareil actress holding a tendentious expression over the angry, frightened Reverend. The remnant taste of a cola you sipped four and a incessant seconds ago is still lingering off of your tongue and that’s when the phenomena occurs: scary salemWhy did I choose THIS net-flick?! Why does anyone choose a series to binge and who on earth in 2017 can relate to the Salem Witch Trials or a woman stuffing a rat down her husband’s throat?! Apparently a flock of WGN America’s Salem fans including myself.

Salem is a television show about the contras’ of freedom. We all have freedom to do whatever we please but the consequences are not so lithe or agreeable- often objectionable. Arguably, a young woman in love and separated from her true love by the religious tyranny of the Puritans, Left alone with a bastard child she enters the world of satanism to rid herself of child. She is later unable to alter her choices when her lover returns with burdens of his own. Torn between reviving Satan in hopes of creating a new world of peace and leaving her duties to be a mother and wife in an autonomous state.

Set in the early 17th Century, Salem provides a sketch of life as a Puritan. Not only did they battle the injustice and unfairness of gender roles but also the hierarchy of birthrights.

Whomsoever is born rich will remain rich and marry rich creating this generation’s blue bloods. Currently the world is in a feminist movement, promoting female dominance and also the acceptance of all communities such as the LGBTTQQIAAP. But what does this have to do with the scene you threw a remote at or Greek History you may ask? EVERYTHING.

Season 3 Episode ten is dark as every episode. Women are in gowns running the world of Salem while men work aimlessly to please their family. Salem is in Massachusetts filled with the forests, earth, dirt, satanism and life. In each scene, each second the director is showing you what a world is like with women who take over- an emotional train of bad decisions and bloodshed over ONE hasty decision- abortion through a sacrafice to Satan.

You may not have noticed while watching. Maybe it was only a way to rid herself of her baby since her lover did not know and was taken away from her to the military. pro con abortionBut that’s right, the topic of abortion and women’s rights plays strongly into the series which makes episode ten the pinnacle of the subject. What is a world completely ruled by women raging with [our] female hormones. According to the screenwriters, Hell!


salemStream the full episode here free

Cotton (Reverend): If I enter Hell, you will spare the world your degradation?

Anne (Witch in Secret and Cotton’s Wife): Oh no, Husband! Let’s not be greedy. Nothing can stop the plan my dark lord has for this world. You would save every life in Salem, even the life of your true love. What’s her name…Harmonia? Desdemona?!

Cotton: Gloriana!

Anne: Don’t you want to spare that pitiful whore an agonizing death?

Now you may wonder who on earth is Cotton’s true love? Desdemona? Harmonia? Who are these women and why do those names sound like she preached them from the bible like a curse? Probably because we all have heard the name in Shakespeare’s play, Othello. Desdemona means misery in Greek and can also be affiliated with an unlucky person. Harmonia, the goddess of Concord.


Harmonia was the Goddess of Harmony.

But why would Anne, the current wife of Cotton mention this in such rage? Is she hurt? What pain sings in her heart? Medea, a woman of strong morals can relate. It was more important she showed her rage, her pain, her anger to her husband by taking the life of his new wife.

Who’s to say she was wrong? Is it just a womanly thing to say “I’m not going to be easily replaced or singled out? Medea, left by a man she killed for is easily replaced because was unamused by her presence. Maybe a man would feel the same way? Possibly. But being a woman in Greek Mythology, being a woman in Salem in the 17th Century means that these characters: Anne Hale and Medea, had to show their pain by inflicting twice more. Throughout the play, Jason was characterized as level headed. He gave Medea a choice, offering to spare her the displeasure of leaving a kingdom they were both refuge to or walking about from what they equally worked for in a marriage. Cotton Mather, again, shown as level headed and pleads with his wife mercy but a woman, a true, scorned women has more fury beyond hell’s flames. is women ruled (comedy)

Women are characterized as similar to bombs only more emotional. There isn’t a timer- it’s just luck. Medea, filled with pain killed her own children to scar her ex-lover. Anne cursed her husband and stuffed a Rat down his throat to keep him quiet and also ensure he could never leave her. In today’s society all we see blasted through radios, television and sometimes our music is girl power. Wonder women, the female version of Wolverine are just small characters compared to the world of new media.I believe women already do run the world. Whenever you go to a social service office it’s a woman behind the desk. The librarian, holder of the most important information for your term paper is a woman. The inventor of the pull out couch is a woman. It’s not hard to see how far the feminist movement is going. Brooklyn College has a higher percent of women than men which shows the progression of educated women. However, playwrites and series like this show the tragic consequences of allowing a woman to be in charge.

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4 thoughts on “Hell Hath No Fury

  1. As someone who has watched Salem I can see where you are coming from. The struggle for these women is real. They battle everyday for equality and if they don’t have a husband to back them aka Mary Sibley, they are considered stupid and mindless. All her hard work MUST be the result of Mr. Sibley for who could condone a WOMEN running the town. No matter that his health (aka frog) is keeping him from appearing in public. This show is a true testament to a women’s struggle for independence.


  2. wow, the opening was really descriptive and well-written; a great hook! I’ve never watched Salem but it sounds like an interesting show from what you wrote. I wonder if this how is set in modern times or a couple centuries back. I can partially understand the struggles of this woman; I guess standards don’t much over time, although it’s much easier for single mother today.


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