Only “Australians” in Parliament

In the article, “A question of identity in Australia” the author, Waleed Aly writes about how “the Australian constitution prohibits dual citizens from sitting in Parliament.”The article gave multiple cases where a senate had dual citizenship without knowledge, leading them to resign from their position. For example, senate Larissa Waters, who was Canadian citizen without knowing she was a citizen since she left Canada as a baby. The author believes that being a dual citizen should not affect their ability to be apart of the Parliament in an ideal society. “Modern Australia has multiple, simultaneous identities, whether expressed in government documents or not… it’s not our dual citizens but our Constitution that’s un-Australian.” The law should not define a person’s identity, but it’s their background, since Australians are a blend of different nationalities.  

I agree with the statement “ it’ not our dual citizens but our constitution that’s un-Australian”because it’s similar to the US as Americans are defined by their diversity and there isn’t a “true American”. Compared to the Spartan constitution, Xenophon would disagree as he would want perfection and the law should be followed as it describes their identity. “In order that the boys might never lack a ruler even when the Warden was away, he [Lycurgus] gave authority to any citizen who chanced to be present to require them to do anything that he thought right, and to punish them for any misconduct.”(2.10)

Source Citation 

Aly, Waleed. “A question of identity in Australia.” New York Times, 5 Sept. 2017, p. NA(L). New York State Newspapers, Accessed 18 Sept. 2017.

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