Women and The Society

In New York Times article, the writer Kamel Daoud writes about how Western women are attacked by the Arab migrants in Cologne, Germany. They have been sexually harassed which portrays sick relationship between men and women. Women are treated as sex machines and not given any respect in Germany. They are often killed and stoned.  The author seems to be against all these behaviors that treats women differently. The values that author believes the society to have are the respect and dignity towards women. He wants that the women should not be looked upon as a disrespect in the society but rather be treated as a special part of it. According to the author, these values are lacking in the western society in which they live because these days western women are raped and sexually harassed in Germany. There are certain restrictions imposed on their lifestyles as opposed to men. Men are the ones who kill or rape women for fantasies and they should be blamed for that. However, they are not blamed rather women are blamed for bringing a disrespect to the society. The article states, ” In some places, women are veiled, stoned and killed; at a minimum, they are blamed for sowing disorder in the ideal society.” I don’t think I live in the same society as this because now women have equal rights as men. They are not disrespected and they have the potential to stand on their own feet and do something for themselves. If I compare the article to Xenophon, I would say that Xenophon would disagree with this kind of society where women are killed and raped. Xenophon always want his town’s people, both men and women, to be strong enough. In order to increase the population of the town, he provided physical training to women as that to men so that they can produce vigorous offsprings. In ‘Xenophon’s Constitution of the Lacedaemonians’ it says, “He believed motherhood to be the most important function of freeborn woman. Therefore,in the first place, he insisted on physical training for the female no less than for the male sex: moreover, he instituted races and trials of strength for women competitors as for men, believing that if both parents are strong they produce more vigorous offspring.” Therefore, ideal society according to Xenophon is where women are considered important part the society in contrast to the society in Germany  where women leads miserable life because they are women.

Gurleen Kaur, Team Venus

Daoud, Kamel, “Sexual Misery and Islam”. The New York Times, 14 February 2016.

5 thoughts on “Women and The Society

  1. In a way, the Spartans treated their women a lot better than the democratic Athens. If the women and men are both strong enough, it is believed that their babies would be the combination of their strength. This would result in women being treated the same as men, roughly and without mercy, as tough conditions were used to ensure that only the fittest would survive.


  2. I also did the same article and I made the position that Xenophon would agree with what is going on. Now I see though that he wanted both men and women to be as equally strong so that everything could run smoothly. Nice to see a different point of view.


  3. Although women have significantly more rights now than ever before, I disagree with the fact that women and men are currently equal. In the U.S alone, women still face gender-based discrimination in the workplace, hypersexualization, the increased likeliness of facing sexual assault/abuse, and more. Society as a whole still has a long way to go before men and women are truly equal in all facets of life


  4. I also have the same thought about women should receive the same right as man in different places. Why can’t? I am very upset when I saw women was being raped and killed on news, how can a society in modern day still tolerant with such actions? Both man and woman are human being. Without a women there will be no man. Women should not be discriminate in any situation and I think Society and government should really find out different ways to handle such situation.


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