Nothing Is Impossible For A Possible !

Kim Possible is an average teenage that spends her free time, fighting crime. . In most of the episodes she and her sidekick Ron Stoppable work together fighting one to fight her arch-nemesis Draken. In one of the episodes, Draken creates a machine, that could control the world. Kim Possible jumps in, to fight Draken’s sidekick Shego, while Ron attempts to fight the scientist himself. She ends up winning, and everyone is safe.

Kim Possible fighting crime, was a way in which she not only protected herself and her family, but also the community.   Crime is a social issue that affects many communities today. And unlike the show Kim Possible, instead of having a teenage girl to protect our communities we have police officers. We also have various issues against the people who are suppose to protect us, sometimes in the form of police brutality. In the reading of Sophicles Antigone, them main character Antigone takes on a different social issue: social injustice. After the death of her two brothers as the result of them fighting for the crown, her uncle Creo becomes in charge of the kingdom. Her uncle then decides that one of her brothers didn’t deserve to be properly buried. She was really upset, and decided to take the law into her own hands. Her sister however didn’t want to get involved and she didn’t help her. Things unfortunately didn’t go well for her as she ended up being arrested. Interestingly, though her sister tried to take the fall for her, out of guilt. Antigone however ended up dying alone, not her sister. She died though, fighting for what she believed in, even after being let down by her own family. Her actions showed that she wanted to be remembered for her bravery and loyalty. Both Kim Possible and Antigone in my opinion,  showed tremendous selflessness and fearlessness. They understood that certain sacrifices had to be made, if certain actions were taken.  I think although they both fought for different social issues, they’re still heroes in they’re own unique way.

Sharifa, Team Hestia



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