How GREAT was Alexander the Great?

Xavier Morren, 13, little brother, at our home

  1. Do you know who Alexander the Great was? Yes, A king.
  2. What do you know about him? I know that he lived a very short period of time I think he was killed by a mosquito bite and conquered a city that is lost today.
  3. Where did you learn about him? At school and a couple of tours we did at the Met.

Kelly Robinson, 22, fellow Brooklyn College student and friend, on campus

  1. Do you know who Alexander the Great was? Yeah, I think that he was one of the world leaders in the history of the world and governments
  2. What do you know about him? I know that he was known to be powerful, and have a large kingdom that was a primary world ruler/kingdom at the time of his rein.
  3. Where did you learn about him? Learned about him from history classes during school days, mostly.

Prof. Paul Wyatt, 50s-60s, family-friend, John Jay College

  1. Do you know who Alexander the Great was? A young Macedonian military strategist who set out to conquer the world.
  2. What do you know about him? He struck down the Medo-Persian forces twice. He conquered much of the ancient world, and aided in common Koine, Greek  becoming an international language. Since many Jews began to speak that language it led to the translation of the Hebrew Scriptures into Greek which became known as the Septuagint.
  3. Where did you learn about him? From several readings I’ve done on The Watchtower Online Library the Insight Volume 2 and some trips I’ve taken to The Hellenistic World At the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Brooklyn Museum and The Coliseum in Rome.

One common idea throughout the answers I received from my interviewees is that Alexander the Great was a King who conquered the world. Two of my interviewees said that they learned about him at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and two said that they learned about him at school.  I researched the hilarious statement my brother made about his death being caused by a mosquito bite. Despite that this is not entirely true, one of the possible causes of Alexander’s death is malaria.  My interviewees were familiar with the fact that Alexander was fairly young when he carried out such conquests as he died at the age of thirty two. It’s safe to conclude that a variety of  people, regardless of age and the like are familiar with how Great of a conqueror Alexander was.

While still broad, their answers are quite similar to what I learned in this class. In the text The Romance of Alexander the Great, Olympias, Alexander’s mother receives a message from the God Ammon saying “Invincible and indomitable child. Long may you live, my lady, for you are pregnant with a boy child who shall be your avenger and become world conquering king’ of the whole civilized universe” (Pseudo-Callisthenes verse 13) Thus, exactly what  was foretold by the god in the dream occurred. Olympias became pregnant with a son who began to rule as king at a very young age and inevitably conquered the all of the civilizations he possibly could and planned to conquer more before his abrupt death. I am eager to learn more.

2 thoughts on “How GREAT was Alexander the Great?

  1. Its really awesome how you interviewed your little brother on Alexander the Great. I love his answer of how he thought he was killed by a mosquito bite, which I would’ve thought to be completely plausible if you hadn’t said it wasn’t true right after! Great blog!


  2. Your brother saying that Alexander died by getting bit by a mosquito made me laugh. I also like that you chose people in different age groups, someone who is young, someone who is just starting their adulthood, and someone who is just a bit older than everyone else. They all also seem to learn about him from school like my friends did.


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