The Municipal Building


A brief walk around city hall will lead to being surrounded by beautiful architecture. This building above is 1 Centre Street, it was built in the early 1900’s and unlike the trademark marble of Ancient Greece, it is made mostly out of a sturdier limestone. Similar to many of the buildings in the area, the columns are designed to emulate the Corinthian Order. It combines those columns with arches that are styled akin to the ones from Ancient Rome, it also features Roman numerals on top. Unlike the historical versions that usually have one triangular shaped frieze, there are two separate rectangular friezes at the entrance of the building. Instead of Gods they depict a female that symbolizes New York City. In the center archway there is a frieze surrounding the arch, similar again to the Romans, are two carvings. One is a winged female and the other is a winged male, the female is supposed to be guidance, and the male is Executive power. When I looked up I had no idea what they meant, also it was very difficult to see exactly what was on the frieze so I researched it online and cited the website below.  Overall, this is a beautiful building, that looks even better in the rain. It does an incredible job at incorporating different historical styles.

-Zunaira Naveed, Team Mars

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