Careful Sherlock Holmes!

In the book, “The Final Problem : A Sherlock Holmes Graphic Novel,” I found a letter by Dr John H. Watson that has referred back to the ides of March. In the book it states,

“Beware the ides of March,” Caesar was warned. And the middle of march 1886 was marked by major changes.”

This section, refers to the ides of march that allude a negative feeling caused by a threat. The author hopes to tell the reader that ides of march is a date on the calendar marked for catastrophe, especially by “major changes” contributing to the changes in the weather. Such threat would help the reader know it is a negative phrase as one should be warned by Watsons emotional fear.

“…Caesar dreamed he was raised aloft upon the clouds and grasped the hand of Jupiter. 2 Moreover, omens not a few and not without significance came to him: the arms of Mars…made a great noise at night, and the doors of the chamber where he slept opened of their own accord.”

This section that I took out from Cassious Dios is like the letter by Dr John H. Watson by alluding the change of weather as a symbol of danger. Cassious Dios demonstrates a threatening situation for Caesar by having bad dreams, having noises at night to indicate a starling situation, and having the chamber doors open by the gust of wind. Comparing to Dr John H. Watson’s letter, there was a dramatic change in his environment. There were meter shower and flashes of the red planet was visible from London.

Kopl, Petr. The Final Problem. Andrews UK. 15. September. 2015.

2 thoughts on “Careful Sherlock Holmes!

  1. Great connection between the Ides of March and Sherlock Holmes; never though I’d hear that kind of connection. I like the way you connected Watson’s dramatic letter with Caesar’s own dramatic assassination. Good work!


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