Royal Blood


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“King Tarquinius Priscus admitted Octavian’s, among other plebeian families, to the Roman Senate, and though Servius tullius awarded them patrician privileges, they later reverted to plebeian rank until eventually Julius Caesar made them patricians once more.” (Suetonius, page 9)

“One was the number of those who were privy to the plot, although Caesar would not receive any information about anything of that sort and punished very severely those who brought news of any kind” (Cassius Dio, page 5)

I chose these two quotes to characterize Julius Caesar. The first quote depicts Caesar as being someone with respect to familial ranks in society, and make him seem “nice.” Like Professor Yarrow discussed in class, a reason for Caesar’s murder might have been because he felt the need to be nice to all parties, seen through him wanting to give back family’s ranks that had been taken from them. The second quote paints Caesar as someone who doesn’t want to hear bad news. He doesn’t want to be told of any revolts or plots, and insists that no one tell him of any news at all. This also shows that he might come across as being too nice, for he just wants to live in a happy, violence free world. I chose these quotes because they show through Caesar’s actions his personality. One way these quotes are similar is that they are very vague, yet you get a direct sense of who people thought Caesar was.

My dog’s name is Julia Blu. The name Julia derives from Julius, and was the name of all the females in Caesar’s lineage. My mom named her this because she felt Julia seemed like a royal name, and my dog is a purebred German Shepard, so it’s almost like she has royal blood. Although it doesn’t really directly connect to Caesar, it shows that his family name comes across as being very royal, especially because all of his family had this one family name.


Camille, Team Diana

3 thoughts on “Royal Blood

  1. This is interesting because pure bred dogs are the royal people of dog world. Also how you discuss that Caesar is too nice and wants a violence free world is a very dog-like trait. As I read that all I could think of was wow sounds like a friendly dog. I thought that because dogs want to make their owners happy or so we a society think.


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