Alexander Who?

Nihada Nikovic age 21, cousin on couch at my house.

1.) Do you know who Alexander the Great was? Answer: “yes I have heard the name before.”

2.)What do you about him? Answer: I don’t remember last tie i learned about him was my sophomore year in high school how should I remember.

Zineta Nikovic age 13, cousin at her house in kitchen.

1.) Do you know who Alexander the Great was? Answer:  “No i never heard of him.”

Tim Lula age 49, uncle at his house.

1.) Do you know who Alexander the Great was? Answer: “Of course I know who Alexander the Great was.”

2.) What do you know about him? No comment was made and pretending not to hear.

After asking multiple people in my family questions if they knew who Alexander the Great was all I learned is that my family doesn’t know anything. When I asked they either said they didn’t who that was or said that they did and had heard of him before. Then when I asked what they knew about him they knew nothing I either got a reply of silence or saying how should I remember. I realized that I myself was not that different from my family before taking this class. Now I have learned about Alexander the Great and will probably be only one in my family that will know who he is if some one asks me. I learned that Alexander the Great was the king of Macedonia who over through the Persian Empire, carried Macedonian arms to India, and laid the foundations for the Hellenistic world of territorial kingdoms.  “Alexander shall not be the high and mighty conqueror of the whole world, for  king is nothing unless he have fit and decent land. Alexander, the first of the Greeks,  thus becoming the first of the Greeks and of the Barbarians.”


Linear Perspective Montenegro River


Linear perspective is recreating the three dimensional world on a two dimensional surface. Brunelleschi discovered/rediscovered linear perspective when  he was in Rome  studying the ancient ruins and architecture. He wanted to be able capture  the essence of the buildings in his sketches. Later on Albertis write a book On Painting  going in debt about the technique behind linear perspective. Leonardo DaVinci’s The Last Supper is an example of an painting with linear perspective.  The image I added is one I took this in Montenegro of a River,  which also is in linear perspective.

There are many similarities between The Last Summer and the picture I took of a River in Montenegro. Both images have linear perspective both are two dimensions depicting a three dimensional thing. Both images draw you to focus on the focal point and feel very realistic. Both images giving you a feeling as if you are there and experiencing the view first hand. In both images you have the illusion of the image getting narrower as the distances gets farther away. There are also many differences between The Last Supper and my photo a a River in Montenegro. One difference is that The Last Supper is a painting and the river is a photograph. Another difference is what the painting makes us focus on in the Last Supper we are focusing in the center on Jesus in the river photo the it brings your attention to the sun setting. The Last Supper is indoors in a room where the illusion of distance is a lot more intensified then in the photo of river. These images are both example of linear perspective with certain similarities and differences.

Mosque In Kosovo



These pictures are of the Bajram Pasa Mosque in Mitrovica , Kosovo. This Mosque was donated by the municipality of Bayrampaşa in Istanbul. I saw this Mosque when I spent the summer in Kosovo, Albania and Montenegro. When seeing this Mosque it reminded me of the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. The  Hagia Sophia and the Bajram Pasa Mosque have a bunch of similarities. They both have a dome in the center where under the dome you see there are windows going all the way around.  Both also have minarets around the the Hagia Sophia having four and the Bajram Pasa  having two. Both at one point were Mosques the Hagia Sophia originally was a church then a mosque now a museum and the Bajram Pasa was created a mosque and has remained the biggest one in Kosovo. There are also many differences between the Hagia Sophia and Bajram Pasa one being their size althought the Bajram Pasa is the biggest mosque in Kosovo it is no where near as grand as the Hagia Sophia. The Bajram Pasa exterior has colorful arches and looks like a building that just has a dome on top. Meanwhile the Hagia Sophia gives you feelings like you are floating on clouds. Although both are beautiful and have a dome the architecture behind them are both very different.


Prospect Park

In unit one we learned about foundations in Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece. In Ancient Greece’s and Ancient Rome’s architecture we see that columns were in almost all major building and all the temples dedicated to the Gods. There are three main orders; an order is a system of proportions that were used to create the columns. The three main classical orders are Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian . The orders describe the form and decoration of Greek and later Roman columns, and continued to be widely be used in architecture today. The Doric Order is characterized by a plain, unadorned column capital and a column that resists directly on the stylobate of the temple with out a base. The Doric entablature includes a frieze plaques with three divisions and metopes and square spaces for either painted or sculpted decoration. The columns are fluted and are of sturdy, if not stocky, proportions( Doric is more masculine). The Ionic order is  more feminine, the ionic order is notable for it’s graceful proportions, which produces more slender and elegant profile compared to Doric. The Ionic order incorporates a running frieze of continuous sculptural relief, as opposed to the Doric frieze composed of triglyphs and metopes. The Corinthian order is the most ornate of the three main orders of classical Greek architecture, characterized by a slender fluted column having an ornate flared capital decorated with acanthus leaves.

While going to Prospect Park for a walk after finding parking I saw the picture that I took and automatically noticed the columns on the little temple thing outside Prospect Park. i became intrigued in the columns and the type the were since we learned that in Ancient Greece and Rome the columns were one of three orders. The architecture in this is very similar to the architecture that we learned about in class. The columns that were created here are in the Ionic order. We can tell this by the structure of how the column is made, it has a base, shaft, capital, architrave, frieze and cornice. This is how Ionic orders were in Ancient Rome and Greece although they are build to the same order something that may be different is the reason behind buildings with this order. The reason why the structure in my picture was created was most likely for beauty and enjoyment but the reason the Ancients Romans and Greeks used were to make temples dedicated for gods or important buildings.

In Classics we learn about the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus; which was a seventh wonder of the Ancient world. The Mausoleum at Halicarnassus was a tomb built by Artemisia for her husband, Mausolus, the king of Carnia in Asia Minor after his death. The mausoleum was made entirely of white marble and is thought to have been about 135 feet high. The building’s complicated design, consisting of three rectangular layers, may have been an attempt to reconcile Lycian, Greek and Egyptian architectural styles. The first layer was a 60-foot base of steps, followed by a middle layer of 36 Ionic columns and a stepped, pyramid-shaped roof. The mausoleum’s middle layer had 36 Ionic columns similar the the ones that I saw at Prospect Park except the mausoleum was made of marble and was way more incredible and is no longer standing today. Even in today’s society we borrow ideas from Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome.

Dina Becaj Group Athena

Islam the Ideal Society

“Ideal society would follow Islamic law and make no separation  between religion and state” a quote from “The Two Worlds of Muslim American Teenagers” by Susan Sachs. Everyone has their own idea of what characteristics the ideal society will possess. The author tells us the views of two American Muslims and how their ideal society would be one following the Islamic law. Some values in Islamic law are preservation of  religion, life, family, mind, and wealth. These teens say that there should be no separation between religion and state like there is today in America. They believe that today in America there not the same values in as there are in Islam. They believe an ideal society would be a society that only follows the ideals in Islam. In today’s society Islam is thought to be a destructive religion often associated with terrorism and considered a bad thing. ”Isn’t it ironic that the interests of America are always against what Muslims want?” this is a quote from the article describing how an American Muslim felt living in today’s society. I do believe that we are living in a pretty messed up society and I am also living in this society. I am a Muslim and I follow the religion of Islam and I experience everyday how people talk about Muslims and Islam people can’t tell I am Muslim because I don’t wear the hijab. So people will say stuff about Muslims and them being terrorist or will yell Allah Akbar  before doing something destructive there are even videos on social media  not knowing that the translation of Allah Akbar is Allah (God) is the greatest.  I have also been treated differently when I do wear the hijab by my peers and even people who are older then me this has been happening to me from a young age every time I wear the hijab people would call me terrorist to tell me to go back to my country and some times middle aged men would yell in my face terrorist which as you can imagine is pretty scary.I do agree that an ideal society would follow the teachers of Islam I grew up in a house hold where I knew my religion where I went to mosque and learned the teaching of Islam, if the rest of the world followed it the world would be a better place.  Plato would disagree with this Plato’s idea of an ideal society would be Kallipolis.  Plato states ” the place of religion in Kallipolis is then briefly  discussed.”  As we can see Plato didn’t really care much for religion therefore he wouldn’t agree with Islam being the new ideal society.


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Barbaric Terror

“This brutal, barbaric and disgusting act will rock Australians to their core. The bloody assault on an Australian child at the hands of these vicious Islamic extremists is more than just a tragic reminder of the time in which we live.” A quote from “Herald Sun” news paper in Australia posted on August 20,2017 in describing terrorist attack in the city Las Ramblas Barcelona injuring four of their own one seven year old Julian Cadman. “The targeting of an innocent Australian child by barbaric Islamic terrorists ” another quote from the ” Herald Sun” makes it clear that the Islamic extremist/terrorists are who are being treated as “other” by the use of the term barbaric in this article. I believe that the target audience for this article is Australian citizens because of the way in both quotes you can see the author continuously mentions the Australians involved in the attack more then the other hundred injured during the attack. The social value that is being affirmed as also a shared value for the audience is fear because now there are attacks and even though it was somewhere else is affecting their people. This situation is different to the use of the word barbaric compared to the use in “Herodotus Histories”. In “Herodotus Histories” the meaning of the word barbarian is some one who isn’t from the same place as you and doesn’t speak the same language. In “Herodotus Histories” chapter six it is stated “and the barbarians over came the middle part of the line” from this quote we can see the word is used in a different context different compared to the “Herald Sun”.

“My thoughts are with the victims of this barbaric terrorist attack in the great city of Barcelona'” a quote from ” The Western Mail” news paper also about terror attack in Barcelona. The terrorists are the ones being treated as “other” by the use of the term barbaric in this quote. I believe the target audience for this article is people everywhere,  the article gives more information about the attack what happened to inform people. The social value that is being affirmed as also  a shared value for the audience is pain, fear, and remorse for all injured, all involved, and fear for what will come next. This situation is different to the use of the word barbaric compared to the use in “Herodotus Histories”. As said before in “Herodotus Histories” barbarians are a group of people not from the same place and do not speak the same language. Another quote from “Herodotus Histories” that show barbarians are a group is ” the Athenians marched back with all speed to defend their city and outstripped the barbarians in their coming.” Both articles had the same use of the term barbaric, both used it as a way to describe disgusting and unjust actions to describe the actions of the terrorist attack in Barcelona. Although both articles are from two different countries they both depict the word the same way.


Herald Sun, August 20,2017

Herald Sun Australia Article

The Western Mail, August 18,2017

The Western Mail Article

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Lost In Space


“Lost in Space” is a movie that came out in 1998 about the Robinson family being sent into space with a pilot who specialized in space war. Their trip in space takes a turn for the worse when someone is payed to destroy the space ship and the Robinson family. This attempt would have worked but the 10 year old son hacked into computer system and stopped the shipped from completely being destroyed. While all this is happening the space ship is heading right toward the son and the only way to escape with out hitting then sun is to open a gate that can lead anywhere in space. The gate is opened but now they are lost in space no where near where they were supposed to be, if it couldn’t be any worse there are creators   trying to kill them and get on the ship. This is when problems arouse between Professor Robinson and Major Don the pilot because both have different ideas on what to do to survive.

The setting of this movie takes place in space September of the year 2058 in an unknown galaxy. The setting of the movie plays a huge role on contemporary social  issues. For example, in this movie the setting is lost in space trapped on a ship yet there are still social issues being faced. One example of a  social issue faced in the movie “Lost in Space” is the fight for power. Being in a situation in where many lives are in danger brings out the  best and worst in people, in this case it brought out the worse in Professor Robinson. Professor Robinson began acting as a dictator on ship and this started to become a problem when Major Don makes a decision for the safety of the family. This causes problems because neither wanted to admit that they were wrong and admit that neither knew what they were doing. The setting played a huge role in creating this problem because if they were not  lost in the middle of space they would not being issues on how to get home or find their way.

The play “Oedipus the King” setting is in Thebes during the time the plague was spreading. This also caused social problems like it did in the movie “Lost in Space”. Oedipus like Professor Robinson didn’t handle a time of crisis too well he also was fighting for his power again Creon who he thought was aspiring against him. The setting contributed this this problem because if it wasn’t during the time Oedipus wouldn’t have sent Creon to the gods and the prophet wouldn’t have came and Oedipus wouldn’t have accused Creon of trying to go against him.  Setting plays a huge role on social issues  in a piece of writing or work.

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