7: Imperators, Caesar, Augustus

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The title of this unit is an academic joke of sorts.  Augustus’ name is Imperator Caesar Augustus.  Imperator as a Latin word means literally “one who holds imperium” but was in fact an honorific title at the end of a name meaning “one who has been acclaimed a successful general after battle by his own soldiers.”  It is the ultimate source of our English word, ‘Emperor’.  The story of the end of the republic and the rise of the Roman Empire is often told as the story of powerful generals, imperators, welding more power and influence than their predecessors any by doing so fundamentally changing the constitution of the republic.


A pdf of the reading optimized for printing is available here.  If you will be reading on your phone or other device.  I recommend reading on this website version using an annotation app, such as Diigo (iOS ,Android).

As you read the ancient texts highlight any passages where the author seems to be explaining WHY something happened.   Pay special attention to any moral explanations of why things happened.

 Blog prompts

Seeing Caesars Everywhere!

(1) Take a picture of yourself with an object or person whose name derives from that of Julius Caesar or Augustus.

(2) Find a two one-sentence long quotations from two different authors among this unit’s readings.  The quotes must characterize either Julius Caesar or Augustus.

(3) Copy and paste the quotes into your blog post.  Underline all the descriptive vocabulary in the clause (likely mostly adjectives, adjectival phrases, and relative clauses).

In your own words

(4) describe how these two passages characterize either Julius Caesar or Augustus.

(5) why you chose them

(6) how the two passages are similar or different

(7) Add in your image to your blog post

(8) Describe the image

(9) Speculate on why the object or person has a name derived Julius Caesar or Augustus.

(10) Does your speculation connect with what we read or the quotes above?  It is OKAY if it doesn’t!  If so, how?  If not, why would this disconnect be there?  What else is influencing the naming choices.

(11) Give your post a distinguishing title

(12) End your post by signing off using this format:  Memhet, Team Apollo

(13) Tag your post as appropriate: SeeingCaesars, CLAS7, SeeninNYC, Selfie, Name of the Authors you’ve quoted.

Ides of March, Undead?

(1) Open the BC library database resource pages and find the database called Ebrary.

(2) One inside the database, select Advanced Search, scroll down to where it says Full Text.  In this search box enter the following “Ides of March”

(3) When looking at the search results, look over on the left and find where it says subject.  Click the link that says show more.   Now select any topic, ideally one that interests you personally or might be related to your future major.

(4) choose any result that is NOT a book specifically on ancient Rome and has not already been used by classmate.

(5) Open the book and now search within the book for “Ides of March”

(6) In the book read the paragraphs the proceed and follow this phrase so you understand the context in which it is used.

(7) To copy and paste the quote into your blog post you will need to sign in and create a new account.  Then highlight the quotation and click the symbol that looks like this:Capture

This should not only paste your quote but also a citation to your source.  If it does not do this, then you will need manually create an MLA format citation for your book.

(8) Now summarize the context of the quote.  (2-3 sentences)

(9) Why is the author referring to the ides of march?  What does s/he expect his reader to already know about this phrase?  Does s/he have an opinion on whether it was a good or bad thing? (3-5 sentences)

(10) re read the account of the ides of march in Cassius Dio from the homework.

(11) select a quote from the reading.  Add it to your blog post and write how compliments or contradicts attitudes and ideas in the book your read.

(12) Give your post a fun title.  Including a fun related image is optional.

(12) Tag your post: IdesToday, CLAS7, CassiusDio, and any other tag you feel is appropriate.