9: High Empire

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Our Last Unit!  We’re reading two strangely similar works from the High Empire.  Juvenal is a Satirist.  His poetry is supposed to be funny.  Marcus Aurelius is the emperor himself!  His writing is just a series of notes to himself, a sort of published journal.  It is written as a serious reflection on what constitutes good conduct.  Both the poem and the journal give their readers’ advice.

Is it good advice?

As you read mark out three types of advice.  (1) underline any advice you agree with (2) bracket any advice you think is dead wrong and (3) box any advice that is just strange or ‘weird’ to you.



Marcus Aurelius

Blog  Prompts

“Dear Romans….”

(1) Go to any popular advice column (Social Qs, The Ethicist, Dear Prudence, Carolyn Hax, or your personal favorite!) and select a letter and a response that none of your class mates have already written on.

(2) Create an MLA citation for the advice column of your choice and hyperlink your citation to the specific advice column on which you are writing.

(3) Write your blog post as response to the original letter writer:  “Dear Sheila M.  …. ”  Write a critique of the advice given my the columnist and include alternative advice based on your readings for today’s class.   That is you don’t have to believe the alternative advice you’re giving, instead you are writing from the Roman perspective.  What would Marcus Aurelius do?  What would Juvenal advise the letter writer to do? You may be as funny and as creative and as absurd as you like, as long as you stay in character.

(4) Include at least two quotations from the homework in your letter of response

(5) Create a blog title to distinguish yours from your classmates. Image is optional.

(7) sign off with a plausible Roman pen name Livia or M. Livius Arrio (a.k.a. Liv, Team Apollo)

(8) tag post with: Clas9, DearRomans, Juvenal, Marcus Aurelius, and anything else appropriate