Religious Rockefeller Center

The mosaic that I found outside NBC studios at 30 Rockefeller Center reminded me of the mosaics we learned about in the San Vitale. It reminded me of those mosaics because it has one main figure in the middle which is the most important (a figure representing thought) and the other figures on the side (written and spoken words) are what comes from it. Just like the mosaic of Jesus and the angels in the San Vitale. Jesus is in the middle and the angels on the side of him. The NBC mosaic is supposed to represent thought inspiring people to spread spoken and written word. This mosaic has a lot of religious influence it looks like the figures are floating and thought has gold around its head and is in a very Jesus-like position (with his toes pointed and arms extended out). Also outside of the three main figures are small people that look very much like angels of some sort, they are also in the sky. They also used gold mosaics just like they did very commonly in the San Vitale. Both of these mosaics are very similar and are used to send two completely different messages, one is a religious message and the other is the message of spreading media throughout the world.