Factors of a Perfect Society

There are several nations around the world that either know or learn how to speak English in order to regulate in a smooth manner. Foreign countries encourage their students practice speak English in order to further their education. In addition, many travel the world to receive an education in a country where English is the first language.

In the article “Nations in Asia give English their own flavorful quirks” the author writes“In their latest initiative to perfect society, Singapore’s leaders have begun the Speak Good English Movement — a campaign to eliminate a rough-and-ready patois known as ‘Singlish’ that has spread through their nation like a linguistic virus.” The author, Seth Mydans, simply describes the perspective of a perfect society in the eyes of Singapore’s leaders. They believe that getting rid of their ‘Singlish’ and learning how to properly speak English is what will make their nation a perfect and better place to live in. Singapore leader’s seem to assume that the ability to speak proper English is a lacking value on their road to prosperity. I don’t think I live in the same society as the people in Singapore. Here in the United States, English is considered the first language and is encouraged but there are still several people that do not know how to speak proper English, which is fine. Although English is the world’s dominant language and is spoken almost everywhere, I do not agree with the idea of a perfect society being one that speaks perfect English, there are a lot more factors that should be taken into consideration while describing a ‘perfect society’.

In ‘Xenophon’s Constitution of the Lacedaemonians’ it says “When a boy ceases to be a child, and begins to be a lad, others release him from his moral tutor and his schoolmaster: he is then no longer under a ruler and is allowed to go his own way” based off of this, I believe that Xenophon would have disagreed with the idea that speaking English is what creates a perfect society. The text states that anyone should be free and feel free to do things their own way. Speaking a certain language shouldn’t be required in order to make society appear as perfect.