6174670256_IMG_0592This last summer, I’d made it my goal to visit some of the museums in the city. So I had visited the Natural History Museum, the Transit Museum, The Museum of Modern Art, and then finally the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The Museum of Modern Art had a lot of beautiful paintings and sculptures. It was my favorite museum I had visited the entire summer. Getting off the train and walking to the museum you wouldn’t be able to miss it. The MET is so visually appealing and is a work of art itself. The architecture used in constructing it really caught my eye. Now that I’m taking Art1010 I can take notice more of the features that looked visually appealing to me. From studying the Parthenon in class im more aware of the features the building of the MET has. It uses the columns like they are used in the Parthenon. The Parthenon columns  also had volutes on the top of them which are scroll like ornaments. Both the Met and The Parthenon are similar in the regard. Both the Parthenon and the MET they are above street level.


Open your eyes! Its all around us!!!


Last Friday, I was getting out of Cortelyou train station thinking for an idea for my first blog for art class. I knew Art was all around us but I couldn’t  find that one perfect thing that spoke to me. Just like everyone else, I don’t pay too much attention around me but last Friday I happened to look up and was amazed to see Rome architecture around me. I been living here for more than five years and I never noticed these windows! I have seen them around but never at the station where I took the train twice a day. I would never have care about them until now. After taking Art class, I am able to connect this with early Christian architecture . After rome became Christian is when the churches were build and these kinds of windows were mad for the light to come in. This architecture can also be connected with Basilica of Santa Sabina and Basilica of Constantine where “The wall of the nave is broken by clerestory windows that provide direct lighting in the nave”( Basilica of Santa Sabina).  These windows are also used in San Vitale and Hagia Sophia. In this train station, they have the same purpose which is to bring the light inside. They copied it beautifully and designed it in modern way by adding little flower art on it and yet it doesn’t catch people attention. This architecture have been used for several churches and mosques. Humans have been repeating the same culture of architecture for years and generations. Its devastating to see how people in our every day lives don’t question or notice these little things around them. It shows how knowledge of the simple things around us can connect us to our roots and past. People should really take the time off from their phones to observe the life around them. They will definitely be surprised to see the things they are blessed with and the beauty of our world. -Fizza Saeed, Team Hermes

Aphrodite,a beauty product? 👀👸🏻

Yesterday I went to shopping with my mom. We went to CVS at Flatbush which is near our home. We bought all the house needs and when I went to pick up my shaving cream I payed close attention to the packet and realized that the company have been fooling people for years. Venus is another name that was changed from Aphrodite ones the Romans took over Greek mythology. I couldn’t help notice how smartly the company used one of the Greek god known for her beauty to gain costumers and become popular. In the Homeric Hymns of gods, their praises are celebrated in different ways. It’s a way to celebrate gods and their uniqueness. As we read the Homeric Hymn to Aphrodite, it stated that Aphrodite “is the best among all the immortal goddesses in her great beauty. She was the most glorious female to be born to Kuronos, the one with the crooked metis, and to her mother, Rhea and Zeus, the one whose resources are inexhaustible, made her his honorable wife, one who knows the ways of affection” (Aphrodite, lines 35-40). She is also described as the “golden Aphrodite” which shows that her beauty is the definition of her existence. If we look at the back of the packet, it states that the product is for “amazing looking legs” it’s basically showing how the women using this product  will have beauty like Aphrodite. In our everyday lives we don’t notice the objects around us, in our day to day lives the products that we use get unnoticed because we are too busy with technology that has taken over us. We don’t pay attention to the origins in the language we are speaking, which is why I never noticed that the product women have been using around the world for years is basically after the Greek god named Aphrodite. #CLAS1 #Aphrodite #seenincvs #Blog1 #Fizza Saeed, Team Hermes.