Breaking America

Walter White, the protagonist of the hit TV show Breaking Bad is an average white middle- class ,middle-aged man who has just found out he has lung cancer. In this video you can seen how Walter White transforms from the loving husband, father, cancer patient to the criminal kingpin who is Heisenberg.

The story of a person who goes from being “good” to becoming “evil” is a story that has been told numerous times. An example would be the story of Maleficent. Maleficent was a good and pure being who protected her home but when she is betrayed she becomes a nasty vengeful villain (antagonist). Much like in the play of Medea by Euripides, She is a mother of two and a loving wife but when Jason arranges to marry someone else she becomes enraged and determined to get her revenge.

American society is much like this ongoing story of people going from good to bad. Even in the beginning stages of Walter’s methamphetamine business he still has good intentions in earning money to leave to his family incase the cancer did end up killing him, but greed and ego take control and he does not stop making and selling meth until he gets killed because of it. Greed, revenge and ego are very dangerous and when they engulf your mind they change who you are. Walter says in the video, ” life is a cycle…it is growth, then decay and then transformation.” Americans go through this cycle too. They go through growth, which is their successes and ambitions , and then something changes which is much like the decay, and from the decay they transform into something who they are not.  Walter went through this and so did Medea. This story is a tale as old as time. It can be connected to a lot of stories and characters. Some more examples that are recognizable are: Darth Vader (Star Wars), Syndrome (The Incredibles), and Peter Pettigrew ( Harry Potter).

Luisa Reynoso- Team Hermes