Be a Bird. You’re a Bird.

“Who gets wings in the perfect society?” The speaker of this article believes that the perfect society contains many people who do all of the “small” things in life. ”Let’s give wings to housewives, grocery clerks, supermarket cashiers,’’street-corner musicians, everyone who works two jobs.’’ The normal, everyday, ordinary people get ”wings” in the perfect society, and I support the author’s position. Without the everyday people, the quality of everyone’s life would go down drastically. There would be many imbalances and disorder. I also believe Plato, if he was alive today, would agree with the this as well.“Possession of this knowledge is necessary and sufficient for happiness” as it states in the Plato Republic extracts. Unless you’re immortal, you have a limited amount of time on this Earth, there’ is only one of you and there are billions of books. Adding onto of the seemingly endless amount of books, there’s also the internet which seems to have an unlimited amount of knowledge. Virtually anything could be found with a few typing of buttons. Limited live versus unlimited knowledge has a clear winner. The good news, however, is that there are also billions of humans, all of which do different things. So now, once you look at the bigger picture, you have billions of humans expanding and sharing their knowledge every single day. Everyone’s different jobs help create a nice balance of knowledge in the world and this is what creates what the author of the article sees as the “perfect society”.

-Christie, Team Hermes


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