Dying happens!

Dear Name Withheld,

The one thing in life holding you back from moving forward seems to be this accident. Notice that you are accepting the fact that it was an accident and not something planned. It is only reasonable for someone mature who had part in a death has to feel some kind of sympathy for their loved ones. The parents of this teen have denied your apologies and it can be reasonable for them because they see you as a murderer. “You shame yourself, my soul, you shame yourself, and you will have no further opportunity to respect yourself; the life of every man is short and yours is almost finished while you do not respect yourself but allow your happiness to depend upon the souls of others”. You made your point when you asked for their acceptance of your apology. Your apology was acknowledged. They cannot say that you were guilty and you were in complete denial of having anything to do with this.”If it is within your power, why do you do it? If within the power of another, whom do you blame-atoms or gods? ” To do either is folly. No one is to blame.So what exactly should you be worried about? The self image of yourself should reflect your morales. Your sympathy builds your character and shows the pride and righteousness you believe in. This accident 30 years ago is a minor setback to the life you were given. You are so little compared to the universe. Nothing will matter in the end. Even if the teen hasn’t fulfilled his life to the fullest, make up for it yourself and live to the furthest extent you can. Avoid looking back.


Mr. Aurelius


Appiah, Kwame Anthony. “I Accidentally Killed a Child. May I Get in Touch With the Family?” The New York Times, The New York Times, 17 May 2017, www.nytimes.com/2017/05/17/magazine/i-accidentally-killed-a-child-may-i-get-in-touch-with-the-family.html?rref=collection%2Fcolumn%2Fthe-ethicist&action=click&contentCollection=magazine®ion=stream&module=stream_unit&version=latest&contentPlacement=18&pgtype=collection.

Puzzling Art

Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 6.47.53 PM.png

Peter Paul Rubens. Romulus and Remus. Pinacoteca capitolina (Rome, Italy). http://library.artstor.org.ez-proxy.brooklyn.cuny.edu:2048/asset/LESSING_ART_10310119992. Web. 12 Dec 2017.

This is a painting named Romulus and Remus. The painting itself is very realistic and shows exposes nature all over. The animal isn’t human yet the baby is feeding off it like if it was. Also I assume their parents are there just overmatching them as someone behind the tree seems to be hunting. He might be hunting the babies or the animal. Whichever it is the entire painting revolves around the two human babies. Very realistic and does not have a centered light. The babies are definitely the center of the piece. Similar to Peter Paul Ruben’s artwork, there is a dramatic effect around the entire picture. Centered in the middle would be the main thing to pay attention to. There is dynamic tension where and gives off the viewer the feeling of anxiety. You have two innocent tiny humans vulnerable to anything which just screams for trouble.

“As soon as the boys, thus born and thus brought up, grew to be young men they did not neglect their pastoral duties, but their special delight was roaming through the woods on hunting expeditions.”

The similarity is the boy or man going for a hunting expedition. Instead of finding a vicious animal, they find a animal feeding babies. A twist of expectation. It creates irony where as the animal should be attacking these babies but instead its not rather being the parent image to them. Then we have a hunter. Who is he hunting the wolf or the babies? Will the babies grow up to be big and vicious or friendly and joyful?

The Gates of Paradise, Roman Imagery, and A Synagogue: What These Three Things Have In Common Will Shock You!


This picture shows the doors to a synagogue on West End Avenue of Manhattan Beach. It immediately seemed to me like a much simpler version of the baptistery doors called the “Gates of Paradise,” by Ghiberti.


As you can see, the baptistery doors are decorated with scenes from the life of the Biblical figure Isaac, using linear perspective to add depth to the nearly-flat backgrounds cast in bronze.

The doors in my original picture, however, are much plainer and bear only three repeated images: a wolf, an axe with wheat and other grains, and a menorah. Considering their context, these likely represent objects of cultural significance. The wolf is often a symbol of Joseph (Isaac’s grandson), and the menorah is a religious artifact with hundreds of years of history attached. The axe and grains are a little more vague, but they could be standing in for the strength and beauty (respectively) of Israel and/or its inhabitants. There are no backgrounds portrayed at all, yet the overall effect is strikingly familiar to those acquainted with Ghiberti’s gates.

Both pictures show a set of dark doors embellished with a series of lighter metal images that have relevance to Biblical figures or scenes, organized into rows. Each set of decoration serves the basic purpose of making the doors more aesthetically pleasing, although one (Ghiberti’s) looks like it took much more time and effort because it is so much more intricate. Ghiberti’s doors are much taller and more imposing, whereas the synagogue’s doors are the usual height and just enhanced by the pictures. Also, it is unclear whether the first picture’s images are actually made of bronze, but it does not appear to be the same material as Ghiberti’s doors.

The pictures on my doors could easily apply to Roman culture too, although the context of their placement makes this extremely unlikely as its original purpose. The wolf has long been a symbol of Rome, because of the legend of the founders Remus and Romulus being raised by a she-wolf Lupa. When other powers rebelled against Rome (like the slave revolts Rome claimed were the “reconquering” of Sicily), a coin was made depicting a boar (the symbol of the Italic peninsula) trampling a wolf. The axe could be seen as referring to the axe of the fasces, a bundle of rods symbolizing imperial power, and the grain to the latifundia, a system of plantation farming that kept the Roman economy afloat. The menorah is a traditionally Jewish symbol, but the arch of Titus (pictured below) depicts a menorah because it shows the conquering of Jerusalem and the aftermath of the destruction of the second Temple (which stood on the hill that now holds the Dome of the Rock). Therefore even the menorah could in theory be a reminder of Roman triumphs.


The doors I took a picture of are similar to Ghiberti’s Gates of Paradise and reminiscent of Roman imagery and symbolism. Their purpose is a little more simplistic than the works of antiquity, but overall they are made for the same reason: to look nice.

-Chaya Ovits, team Venus

Do you know who was Alexander the Great was?

Chou l., 18, friend, almost in his 20’s, Queens in College Point
1.Do you know who Alexander the Great was?
-“He conquered… conquered a lot of Greek. Really good conquer.”
2.What do you know about him?
-“He died. Idk this is like back in 4 years ago. He looks like he has Caesar salad hair, I wanna chop it off. Likes to be half naked. He likes horses and looks like a regular white guy.”
3.Where did you learn about him?
-“School, Global year 1.”

David l., brother, 22, in his 20’s, Brooklyn in Bensonhurst

1.Do you know who Alexander the Great was?
2.What do you know about him?
-“He doesn’t know much about it. He was a great conquered.”
3.Where did you learn about him?
-“umm history books”

Jamie X., friend, 16, not close to her 20’s yet, Brooklyn near Bayparkway
1.Do you know who Alexander the Great was?
2.What do you know about him?
-“He’s a great leader? He has fancy hair, smart. Looks weak.”
3.Where did you learn about him?
-“Global history”

Some similarities I got from all the surveys were that Alexander the Great was a great conqueror and that they learned about him in High School. Jamie was able to be specific in how he was described as in an anime she read. This shows that Alexander the Great made such a big impact, he has affected Japan’s history too. The people I ask may seem to only know him about his establishments because that’s all they were taught in textbooks.

All the answers may be different in their own ways based on what I learned in class. Yes, he is great but we never considered his title Great in class. We did learn that he made his merchants stay and mate with females from different places to populate this culture. Hence, his partner, Bucephalus, which is his horse that accompanied him all throughout the conquest.

“…his father who had died, Alexander was afraid to leave him in the put lest he is eaten by wild beasts. For it was night and the place was desolate. Moved by compassion and pity for his sire’, he lifted him tenderly and bored him nobly on his shoulders within the gates.”
-This quote illustrates his bravery, not in war but in his own passion for his father.

“…I have my own horse which I have trained from the time he was young and I have raised him for myself.”
-In this context, Alexander mentions his horse Bucephalus, as well as Chou, did. What I learned from knowing this was that Alexander had a horse from a young age, something we did not cover in class. I find this amusing because it can show Alexander’s commitment and leadership from a young age.

Pandora? Rings? Radio? or GOD!!!

Image-1 (1)

Most of the women own rings from Pandora. Men mostly buy such things like rings, neclaces and earrings  from Pandora for the women in their lives. Its such popular company that we can not resist using our money on. I personally find their rings beautiful, they have all kind of styles and options for women. This picture was taken two days ago. I was scrolling down my camera roll and noticed how the ring is from a company name Pandora. Pandora is also the name of the first Greek woman in Greek mythology.  Her name means ” all gifted”, and there are brands use the name for jewelary . “Pandora box” is a box that contained all of the evils in the world, and when it was open she released all the evil of the world and the only thing that was left inside the box was hope. Its so amazing to see companies like “Pandora radio” and so many more ot use the name of greek gods. Its surprising to see how more knowledge you have, the more aware you become of the world around you. Fizza saeed – Team Hermes

Aphrodite,a beauty product? 👀👸🏻

Yesterday I went to shopping with my mom. We went to CVS at Flatbush which is near our home. We bought all the house needs and when I went to pick up my shaving cream I payed close attention to the packet and realized that the company have been fooling people for years. Venus is another name that was changed from Aphrodite ones the Romans took over Greek mythology. I couldn’t help notice how smartly the company used one of the Greek god known for her beauty to gain costumers and become popular. In the Homeric Hymns of gods, their praises are celebrated in different ways. It’s a way to celebrate gods and their uniqueness. As we read the Homeric Hymn to Aphrodite, it stated that Aphrodite “is the best among all the immortal goddesses in her great beauty. She was the most glorious female to be born to Kuronos, the one with the crooked metis, and to her mother, Rhea and Zeus, the one whose resources are inexhaustible, made her his honorable wife, one who knows the ways of affection” (Aphrodite, lines 35-40). She is also described as the “golden Aphrodite” which shows that her beauty is the definition of her existence. If we look at the back of the packet, it states that the product is for “amazing looking legs” it’s basically showing how the women using this product  will have beauty like Aphrodite. In our everyday lives we don’t notice the objects around us, in our day to day lives the products that we use get unnoticed because we are too busy with technology that has taken over us. We don’t pay attention to the origins in the language we are speaking, which is why I never noticed that the product women have been using around the world for years is basically after the Greek god named Aphrodite. #CLAS1 #Aphrodite #seenincvs #Blog1 #Fizza Saeed, Team Hermes.