Question of the Day

For this assignment, I had to ask three people these questions:

  1. Do you know who Alexander the Great was?
  2. What do you know about him?
  3. Where did you learn about him?

I asked my mom, my sister, and my friend these questions and these are the responses I got:

Clare Ryan, my mother, 57 years old, our home:

  1. Yes.
  2. He was a great Roman warrior.
  3. High School History Class

Kaitlyn Ryan, my sister, 16 years old, our home:

  1. Yes.
  2. He was an important Roman guy.
  3. Global I in High School

Maya Maharaj, my friend, 18 years old, Instagram Direct Message:

  1. I do, but vaguely.
  2. He was French or something.
  3. Middle School.

Between these three people, there wasn’t any true information about Alexander the Great. My mom was close when she said he was a great warrior, but he was Greek not Roman. After I told Kaitlyn he was Greek, she said that she knew that and that she got Rome and Greece mixed up and that she hadn’t learn about him since freshman year. Maya’s information was more inaccurate because she learned about him in middle school and couldn’t remember information about him. There wasn’t really a difference from what I learned in class and what they learn. The only real difference was that I learned this information recently and that they hadn’t learned about him for years. The correct information about Alexander the Great was that he was the Macedonian leader of the Greek Empire who expanded it all the way east to the Indus River. Him and his army would travel all over and conquer land all the way down in Egypt to the Indus River. He was often referred to as a god, some saying that he was a descendant of Heracles and Zeus. In Theocritus’ Idylls, it states, “At his side, regarding him with favor, sits Alexander, destroyer of the Persians, a god, wearing his colorful diadem.” This view was strengthen by the many images that portrayed Alexander as a god such as the Sardonyx Cameo that shows Alexander with ram horns on his head like the god, Ammon, to show his strength and power. Even though people seem to know very little about him, Alexander the Great is one of the greatest leaders in history and has had a large impact on history and future empires that came after him.


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