Our final Bonus


We decided to study for the final in the classroom because the classroom was empty and it was more quiet as well. We review all the chapters we learned in class. We studied on December 5th, 2017 from 9:07 A.M. to 10:54 A.M.

Team Vulcan : Mantaha Mannan, Mary Huang, Richard Gyimah

Extra Credit

Extra Credit:

This picture relates to the class because we are currently learning about Augustus and Julius Caesar. The month on July is named after Julius and the month of August is named after Augustus. This is me holding a calendar opened up to the month of August. Augustus named this month after himself which shows that he is very powerful and respected by many.

Team Ares

Adam Allan

I met Aphrodite! OMG


Yesterday I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to do my paper for Art class. I was so excited and shocked to see all the paintings and statues that we have discussed in class. It almost felt unreal. As I was walking by this statue, I realized it was Aphrodite!!!! We have learned about her in both art and classics. she is a beautiful goddess known for her incredible beauty. And we also have heard her stories in classics. Meeting her was like a dream. She stands alone in the hallways with her own spark and value. I could see people stopping by her and viewing this beautiful body. It looked extremely gorgeous even though its not in well condition anymore. Somethings are just priceless and seem unreal. Fizza saeed, Team Hermes


Extra Credit


This is a selfie of me and a character from a popular anime called Black Butler named Sebastian. This picture is related to Classics because the name Sebastian derives from Greek word σεβαστος (sebastos)  which means “venerable”. This was the Greek translation of the title Augustus. 


Image: https://www.google.com/search?q=sebastian+black+butler&rlz=1C1GGRV_enUS752US752&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwi0saG7uM7XAhVr6YMKHaNBBykQ_AUICigB&biw=1366&bih=662#imgdii=Wmp_I-jQaaelPM:&imgrc=v8ocVZNwoWSQiM:

Masuma, Team Mercury


IMG_8466 (1)

Yes!! This is me being extremely messy while enjoying my Caesar salad. I love salads and this one has always been my favorite. While I was doing my readings for class and learning about Caesar in unit seven, the name Caesar sounded so delicious. I love food but I didn’t think of my favorite salad until yesterday. I was extremely hungry and while I shoved that salad down my throat I realized how it relates to what we are learning in class. I told my friend to take my ( nice) picture because my hunger doesn’t let me do anything. Which is why I look this weird in the picture but it does show my true personality so  its ok  to make fun of yourself sometimes. The fact that classics teachings came in my mind shows how our minds work. We go through our days seeing so many things and people but never truly pay attention to our surroundings. The name Caesar is actually a salad name as well is such a crazy concept but its also delicious. We all should enjoy it. I have learned to be more carefull and aware of myself because I realized how knowledge gives us power to be able to enjoy things more. Relating one thing to completely a differnet object is great fun and shows how learning is endless. This class has truly helped me see things differently and I’m forever grateful. Yours truly Fizza saeed – Team Hermes

Persians Invaded the Babylonions *Extra Credit*


I went to Wallkill over the weekend to the tour the Watchtower facility. There was a beautiful, huge, detailed painting on the wall and as an artist myself I stopped to admire it. When I asked the tour guide what it depicted she stated that it was King Cyrus’ Persian empire invading Babylon. I thought to myself, “Hey, I think I heard those names in Classics.” When I checked the website I saw that we did in fact learn about the Persians and Cyrus during the 3rd unit. Thus, I proceeded to take a selfie, the painting was so colossal it could not fit in my selfie so I asked my brother to take it for me (hope this still counts). I did some more research and found out that, “When Cyrus set his sights on Babylon it was already the most venerable of Middle Eastern cities—perhaps of all cities in the world,” states the book Cyrus the Great. It almost seemed impossible what had occurred on that night, (of October 5/6, 539 B.C.E.) the city of Babylon was on the Euphrates river and there were moats around the city and on top of that high security, there were also massive walls.  Upstream from Babylon, Cyrus’ army  were commanded to channel the Euphrates and cause the water level in the city to fall. After this happened, the army then walked right through the now low river right through the city gates. Coincidentally, that night the city gates, had been left open. According to Greek historians Herodotus and Xenophon, the Babylonians felt so secure behind their city’s defenses that on the night of the attack, many were feasting, including the king! All of these event helped Cyrus and the Persians to overthrow Babylon.

-Chante Morren, Team Venus


Herodotus. The History of Herodotus: Volume 1. Book. 1, section CXCI,  Talboys and Wheeler, 1824.

Crompton, Samuel Willard. Cyrus the Great. Chelsea House, 2008.

Exploring Ancient Greece Through Aristotle’s Politics

extra credit.jpg

Last weekend in Manhattan, I purchased The Politics of Aristotle because even though learning about Greek mythology is very interesting, I wanted to know a little bit about their more concrete ideas and beliefs; since Aristotle was a very prominent philosopher in Ancient Greece, I thought I’d look to him. Even though I haven’t read the entire book yet, I already have a very different view on Greek society. It was shocking to realize just how oppressed women were! Before reading this book, I thought that their only limitations were not being able to participate in government and having to look after the house. However, Aristotle makes it very clear that he thinks women should be bound to their houses, which is disappointing coming from such an enlightened thinker. Aristotle also refers to slavery as “natural” and stresses separation of labor and classes. While some of Aristotle’s ideas are clearly questionable, the questions he poses are thought provoking. It makes me wonder what a perfect society would actually look like. But one thing is for sure: it wouldn’t be anything like the Greeks.

Elene T., Team Mars

Pandora? Rings? Radio? or GOD!!!

Image-1 (1)

Most of the women own rings from Pandora. Men mostly buy such things like rings, neclaces and earrings  from Pandora for the women in their lives. Its such popular company that we can not resist using our money on. I personally find their rings beautiful, they have all kind of styles and options for women. This picture was taken two days ago. I was scrolling down my camera roll and noticed how the ring is from a company name Pandora. Pandora is also the name of the first Greek woman in Greek mythology.  Her name means ” all gifted”, and there are brands use the name for jewelary . “Pandora box” is a box that contained all of the evils in the world, and when it was open she released all the evil of the world and the only thing that was left inside the box was hope. Its so amazing to see companies like “Pandora radio” and so many more ot use the name of greek gods. Its surprising to see how more knowledge you have, the more aware you become of the world around you. Fizza saeed – Team Hermes

Dating System

 I have found a dating system which is not religious – the French Dating System.
This system was actually composed in a sort of retaliatory manner, in response to all the dating systems being religious based. This system was introduced during the French Revolution throughout the 1700s; even though this revolution started off with pushing for equal rights and evolving from ways of the Middle Ages, it really developed into something more serious, which entailed removing the thought of Christ in the dating system and substituting it with the Goddess of reasoning.
This system changed days, weeks, months, and made the date when France transitioned from a Monarchy to a Republic its beginning of the new year 1 of the French Republican calendar.
Unfortunately, this system did not work out in that it had far less weekends (to the displeasure of the people), and after 13 years, it was scrapped.
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