The Pitfalls of Communism

The author of the article “Paradise lost: Can mankind live without its Utopias?” believes that in the value that society should be able to realize that no system is perfect and Utopia can never exist. In modern times a Utopia is often considered a perfect place where nothing ever can go wrong and everything is good. Communism is often described as a utopian form of society where everyone is equal and everyone has everything they need. Sadly this is not the case, as resources are finitely limited but human wants are infinite. Communism on a small scale i.e. a group of 100-150 people in a small area are easy to satisfy but as the population linearly increases the needs match however the wants grow exponentially.

The author does believe we lack that value not only in society but in morality. I would have to agree with the author in the fact that no society or system is perfect and that we will always find a mistake in every idea, act and system that we do. I do be believe that I live in the same society as this author as I often see it every day. I live in NYC and my cousins who live out in Long Island 25 miles share two contrasting views. I see their lifestyle as hedonistic and Utopian while they view my lifestyle as dystopian. We both live under the same system of democracy and capitalism yet we live two separate and contrasting lives. They see current society as perfect and I view it as imperfect. I believe Plato and Xenophon would have agreed with my viewpoints. “He also gave him the right to receive certain parts of the beasts sacrificed, and assigned to him enough choice land in many of the outlanders’ cities to ensure him a reasonable competence without excessive riches.”

Rothstein, Edward. “Paradise Lost: Can Mankind Live without Its Utopias?” New York Times, 5 Feb. 2000. Web. 19 Sept. 2017.

The PC Anti-Virus Police by David Gelman

The use of barbarian in this article would likely refer to the nonwestern application of Islam in order to use it as a weapon against those who do not follow the general accepted norm. The Western World currently consists of Europe, North America, Japan, Russia and other assorted countries. Western Countries are often modern with hi-tech industry and high standards of living. Barbarians are often seen as either being economically, culturally or religiously disadvantaged.

I.e. rich white people on poor black people.

I.e. Germans on the Slav’s of Eastern Europe during WW2.

I.e. Muslims on Jews.

The use of “Other” in this article would be the religious and fanatically militant extremism of ISIS who are seen as barbarians in most of the world and in most of the Muslim world. The target of the audience would either be conservatively minded people and those who oppose the suppression of free speech as barbaric. The social value that is being as an affirmed value would have to be the value of free speech or right to say what we believe in speech. Culturally the west accepts Judeo-Christian values as most of the world has been settled and controlled effectively by a Judeo-Christian country. While as above ISIS (A Muslim extremist group) is in control of an ideologically barbaric (By modern standards of what a religion should be practicing) interpretation of a religion it causes us to revolt in horror

Kozak, Edmund. “PC Madness: Student Investigated for Mocking ‘Barbarian’ Terrorists.”LifeZette, LifeZette, 5 Sept. 2017,