Barbaric “scummy” thugs

This article is generally about a 16 years boy was walking home and got ambushed by the thugs. Those thugs attacked him, leaving him unconscious on the street, took his mobile phone and trainer, and urinated over him. In the article, the author stated that “The popular student was walking home from a late-night party when he was ambushed by barbaric “scummy” thugs.” The author used the word “barbaric” referring to the thugs, and the word barbaric in here mean brutal and cruel. In this situation, the word “barbaric” is very different than use in ancient Greek period. In ancient Greek period, “barbaric” usually refers to the people other than Greek, even though the “barbaric” is not really a good word even in the ancient time since it means people who were not civilized. In the “Herodotus” the author wrote “Croesus, son of Alyattes, by birth a Lydian, was lord of all the nations to the west of the river Halys. This stream, which separates Syria from Paphlagonia, runs with a course from south to north, and finally falls into the Euxine. So far as our knowledge goes, he was the first of the barbarians who had dealings with the Greeks, forcing some of them to become his tributaries, and entering into alliance with others.” In this phrase we can see that the author uses “barbarian” is just for the people who were not Greeks. But in here I don’t think the author use “barbaric” refer to cultures or races, he probably used that to show how brutal and how cruel the thugs were. I personally feel very sad about the boy and mad of the thugs, because I hate bullying very much since I have a similar situation before.

MLA Citation: Webb, Sam. “BATTERED BY THUGS Schoolboy, 16, battered by teen thugs who then URINATED on him in the street after ambushing him on way home from a party” The sun newspaper. 5 Nov. 2017 Google News Web. 6 Nov. 2017

Barbaric Bestial Behavior


    In the KCCI Des Mones news article, entitled: ‘Barbaric’ arson-homicide prompted by violent relationship,  a man is being charged with the  murder of his stepson. According to this article and the officals present in the investigation , the barbaric man allegedly set his 26- year- old son on fire, after a series of arguments and disputes. So who exactly were barbarians ? Well, barbarians were people who didn’t speak greek and were just different in terms of their culture,  Book 1, 1:4 , ( by herodoctus) gives us an insight of who the greeks considered barbarians. It states “For Asia, with all the various tribes of barbarians that inhabit it, is regarded by the Persians as their own; but Europe and the Greek race they look on as distinct and separate.” The term “barbaric”, used in this article refers to the persons actions, and is similar to the way the greeks used the word, to describe the ” strange ways ” foreign nations acted, and spoke.  The act of setting another human on fire is the “other” or like the greeks probably would say weird or strange in terms of behavior in society and is deemed barbaric because of how unusual and cruel it is . The article was generally published, for the public and most specifically the people of the county. The social value being affirmed is kindness. In the article it is said that some of the neighbors instead of just being  non active bystanders, got involved- one even brought over a fire extinguisher . The death of the young man was caused by the severity of the burns, which was said to cover 95 percent of his body. One of the police sergeants responded to the incident by saying, “It doesn’t get much more barbaric than setting someone on fire,” Parizek

In an article published by the Mirror, entitled: Inside North Korea’s barbaric prisons where inmates are starved, tortured, undergo forced abortions and dig their own graves ( quite a mouthful), the harsh conditions in which prisoners are forced to go through are discussed. The article discusses how the inmates in North Korea are deprived of food and sleep, beat regularly, forced to have abortions or perform strenuous activities that result in abortions , and many other gruesome  things. The term barbaric refers, to the horrible treatment of the prisoners and means inhumane, and differs in meaning to the greeks definition of barbaric, which again also was used to describe different or strange  culture of other places ( their language, religion…etc.,). The target audience in this article is the general public. Initially I was led to believe that the audience was only the people of North Korea, however I think this article was published  to bring world wide awareness to the situation , and to evoke change within the system.

Both articles share a central social value of social justice. They both also used the word barbaric to explain an inhumane way of treating others. However  in the first article with the guy who killed his stepson, the word barbaric was used to define the choices he made, that resulted in tragedy. It described a person characterized by their actions . Whereby the second article focused on the people who suffered as a result of  the choices other people made for them. These prisoners , lived in dreadful conditions, because of the control the government had over them.


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