Rickety Split

Rick Sanchez from Rick and Morty may just look like a common cartoon character but his true nature is that of a diabolical world ending being who has no respect for the rules and norms of the world. Even at the age of 70 he is still considered to be the most dangerous thing in the know galaxy constantly fighting off people he has wronged and creating new conflict wherever he goes whether it be on an adventure with his grandson or a simple day working in his garage. Using his unmatched scientific skill and knowledge he is able to best and outsmart any of his numerous enemies. Add this to his apathy and egotistical cynicism, he emerges safely from any situation regardless of the the danger and without thinking of the consequences or any thought for his own safety.

The scene posted above is from an episode where an occupying alien force has taken over earth. They are portrayed in the same manor that any government on earth would be except for some obvious exclusions such as all of the space and alien elements. The Galactic Federation as it is called is shown to run like the U.S. does for example they show that the the government is a part of all aspects of the Sanchez families lives such as the law they must follow and the criminal charges against Rick, the type of employment given if unemployed, and the currency they must use. The government that is also portrayed is also shown to have the same type of flaws as the U.S such as the numerous amount of incarcerated people they have, the corruption and greed, and how in the end if the value of their currency where to suddenly drop completely the nation would topple in an instant.

In the first scene shown it is revealed that Ricks most significant invention his portal gun was not created until there was an intervention from outside sources i.e. himself from a different dimension. Rick who was not always a troubled soul he is shown to be a family man at first but due to the anger and pain from losing his family he chooses to run away for years to gallivant around the galaxy for decades fueled by his anger all the while running away from his responsibilities to his daughter who had survived the blast. Even though he could have returned or even if he had never left he still chose to run away. The one true character that Sanchez could be compared to would be that of Jason from Euripides-Medea, a true hero who in the end ruined everything in his life because of the the decisions that he made, who chose to abandon his family for a better life as if he no longer needed them. Unlike Ricks wife however who is normal Medea would be considered deranged from her grief at Jasons betrayal. Like Jason who needed to find tools to help his quest such as the golden fleece, Rick goes on impossibly difficult adventures in search of items and materials that can further help his scientific work. Ricks reasoning for leaving his family is somewhat similar as well, he could have stayed and tried to somehow save his family, but like Jason he believed it would be easier and simpler if he moved on. He does eventually return to his home like Jason, however where Jason came to question Medea on her actions only to find that his children where murdered by her as well. Rick returns to his home after years apart and his return is not as gruesome as that of Jasons he only finds that his superior intellect was not passed on to his family and that they are no where near as smart,destructive, or irresponsible as him. However unlike Jason Rick does not know who the culprit behind the murder of his family member is, he never seems to look for the mysterious killer in any given episode. In the end of the first scene shown he tells his enemy it was all fake but it is revealed later on that it was not fake at all. We are lead to believe that he in fact showed more of the truth then he would have liked in order to be able to lie to his captures.

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