Sheepshead Bay Mural

As I got off the train at Sheepshead bay station, I walked passed this mural and it caught my eye. This mural is based off of Emmons Avenue near Sheepshead Bay station and it reminded me of modern art pieces. I believe this is a modernistic art piece because of its difference compared to the Classical and Hellenistic period.  For example, the art work produced during the Classical and Hellenistic period it featured elements that made the art work naturalistic and realistic such as using linear perspective and choosing different colors to use in order to create a effect of depth in a painting. Similar to the Sheepshead Bay mural you can see that the figures featured in this art piece has depth. Viewers who look at this art work is able to see that figures begins to become smaller as they look further into the background. Adding on to why I believe this is a modernistic art piece is because it features figures of everyday people. Similar to Edouard Manet “Olympia” it features a figure of a female that doesn’t resemble religious practices and would be considered as an every day type of figure. Also, It doesn’t contain elements of a idealized nude body which is featured in Archaic, Classical and Hellenistic period. Although the Sheepshead bay mural is a more modernistic art piece it is similar to a Baroque art piece named “Elevation of the Cross” by Peter Paul Ruben, the Sheepshead Bay mural is separated into several parts but it maintains as a whole art work. But overall, the Sheepshead Bay mural has features that makes me believe that it was inspired by modernistic art work.

Get Your Children Vaccinated!

  • “Can I Spread the Word About an Unvaccinated Child?”

Appiah, Kwame Anthony. “Can I Spread the Word About an Unvaccinated Child?” The New York Times, The New York Times, 27 Sept. 2017,®ion=stream&module=stream_unit&version=latest&contentPlacement=10&pgtype=collection.

Dear Kwame Anthony Appiah,

Greetings, I am Aulus Gordianus Longius (Jiahui Gong) and I am writing to you today to provide you some tips on what you should do in your situation. to sum up what you said in your advice column, your’e in a sticky situation where you have to decide whether if you should inform others of a child that’s not vaccinated or should you keep it to yourself because the parent of the unvaccinated child wants you to keep it to yourself. The decision should be obvious, and that is to inform other parents and school staffs about this problem. As you said in your advice column by choosing not to vaccinate the child, the parent is putting her child in a greater risk of catching a infection or virus. Therefore just because the child may not catch infections or virus during his or her early life, it doesn’t mean he or her wouldn’t encounter these problems in the future. Vaccines shouldn’t be seen as a threat because the chances of a child being “harmed” by vaccines is extremely slim. For example, Marcus Aurelius he said “They wintered at
Aquileia, where the plague broke out; the praetorian prefect was a victim,
and Galen, the imperial physician, refused to stay. At Verus’ insistence, he
and Marcus also left in January 169, but Verus died of a stroke.” (Aurelius) Although, studies doesn’t show that vaccines is able to completely prevent strokes and heart attacks, it has shown that it is able to decrease the chances of it. Therefore, Verus could’ve survived if vaccines were presented at the time. But, since he wasn’t able to receive vaccinations it resulted to his death from a stroke. Another example is Junvenal, he states “But worse than any physical decline is the dementia. It doesn’t remember the names of slaves or recognise the face of a friend who dined with him the previous evening or the children he fathered and raised himself. You see, in a cruel will, he keeps his own children from becoming his heirs and leaves everything to Phiale.” (Juvenal) Once again by receiving vaccinations, illnesses like dementia could be prevented. Similar to Aurelius case, by receiving vaccinations at a early age it helps decreases the chances of getting the illness. Now I am not saying by receiving vaccinations can fully prevent these illnesses but I rather have a lower chance of preventing it than nothing. Moving on, because vaccinations was present at the time all these negative events happened. All in all, I highly suggest you to spread the word about this situation to other parents in the neighborhood. Just because the other children playing with the unvaccincated child isn’t getting infected at the moment doesn’t indicate that they wont be infected in the future. Thus, it is better to address this problem before it becomes something more serious.

Sincerely, Aulus Gordianus Longius (Jiahui Gong)

The José Bonifacio de Andrade e Silva

D596A852-2F89-4225-8EC1-7362766A34EE.jpeghb_32.11.1When I was walking around 42nd street near Bryant Park, I spotted this statue called the Jose Bonifacio de Andrada e Silva created by Clark and Rapuano. Usually, I wouldn’t pay any attention to statues like this, mainly because I wouldn’t know any of the history behind these statues. But, something about this statue today that caught my attention despite knowing its history. So I took a moment to take a closer look at the statue. The more I looked at it, I started to see some similarities between this statue and the Marble statue of Kouros. For example, the Jose Bonifacio de Andrada e Silva feet position is similar to the Kouros where one foot is ahead of another. Though the Jose Bonifacio de Andrada e Silva seems to contain a slight contrapposto position, the way it stands up looks similar to the Kouros. However, some features that differs between these two statues would be that the Jose Bonifacio de Andrada e Silva is more realistic compared to the Kouros. For example, if you look closer at the Jose Bonifacio de Andrada e Silva’s face you can see it have creases/ wrinkles on its face. Also its hand position is different compared to the Kouros, the Kouros have both hands clenched in a fist on its thigh while the Jose Bonifacio de Andrada e Silva have one arm down and one arm bent. Also the material used to create these sculptures were different, the Kouros was created with marble while the Jose Bonifacio de Andrada e Silva was created with bronze. All in all, the Jose Bonifacio de Andrada e Silva statue have features that could be found in the archaic and classical period because of its lack of potential of movement but its realism feature on its face.

Are your Friends Really Your Friends?

  • Devil’s Casino : Friendship, Betrayal, and the High Stakes Games Played Inside Lehman Brothers quote

“You think you would have liked Chris Pettit — but by the end you would not have liked him. He became someone else.” — John Cecil.

  • MLA Citation

Ward, Vicky. Devil’s Casino : Friendship, Betrayal, and the High Stakes Games Played Inside Lehman Brothers, Wiley, 2010. ProQuest Ebook Central,
Created from brooklyn-ebooks on 2017-11-24 19:30:11.

  • Summary of the text

In the text, A weakness that needed to be fixed was Lehman’s equities and investments banking units since it was doing very poorly compared to their fixed income. In order to do so, it was necessary to fire some of the employees whom were in the higher rankings. Chris Pettit a stubborn and biased employee refused to give up his position and defended other employees whom were his friends. This lead to, Dick Fuld, the head of the corporation to persuade Pettit’s friends to betray on him; which lead to Chris Pettit being fired from the corporation.

The text corresponds with the word term “Ides of March” because it is commonly known as the deadline to settle debts. Adding on, when people are faced with debts at their deadline, they would have to do whatever it takes in order to settle it. Therefore, the text is related to Ides of March because Dick Fuld had to get rid of Chris Pettit and other higher ranked employees in order to move forward with their corporation goals. through the text, the author would suggest that the Ides of March would not be a good thing. Reasoning for this is because of the madness and chaos it created in the corporation mainly internally.

  • The account of Ides of March in Cassius Dio quote

“When he had reached this point, the men who were plotting against him hesitated no longer, but in order to embitter even his best friends against him, they did their best to traduce him, finally saluting him as king, a name which they often used also among themselves.”

This quote is able to compliment the text because this situation is the similar to each other since both involve persuading the best friend into betraying Julius Caesar and Chris Pettit. Adding on this is able to help the text connect to the Ides of March due to how similar it was to situation Caesar and Pettit was in. Due to their unwillingness to step down from their position, the people had to figure out a way to do so in order to move forward. Thus, by persuading

Neighborhood Church Influenced by Greek and Roman Architecture?


While I was riding my bike around the neighborhood with my friends this weekend, I noticed something about this neighborhood church that I haven’t before. In my opinion i believe in some ways it contains features used for Greek and Roman architectures. For example, as you can see at the entrance it features a pediment which is also used frequently as seen on Greek architectures such as the Parthenon and the Pantheon which is a Roman architecture. Adding on, surrounding the St. Marks church it features flat columns. Although it was uncommon for the Greeks and Romans to use flat columns for their architectures and instead they used circular columns, you can see that Greek and Roman architectures certainly had a influence for this church. Adding on, similar to St. Peters Church created by Michelangelo and multiple other architectures during the Italian renaissance it also features flat columns.  As you look at the St. Marks church’s entabliture it contains a cornice, a frieze and a architrave on its entabliture. This is similar to the Parthenon ,Pantheon and St. Peter’s church because it also featured the three elements in its entabliture. Carrying on under the pediment of St. Marks Church it contains some sort of writing on its architrave which is similar to St. Peter’s architrave under its pediment. In conclusion, I found this interesting because I would pass through this church every day when I was going and coming back from school. But never once did I notice that it had any sorts of relations or influences from Greek and Roman architectures.

Polybius: A Man of Action?

  • MLA Citation:

Herold, David. “Morison, Samuel Eliot 1887-1976.” 1979, pp. 479–500.|CX1381600032&v=2.1&it=r&sid=exlibris

  • The search word i searched was “Polybius ‘Thomas Jefferson'” and the full text I decided to select was written on a American Historian named Samuel Eliot Morison. The full text is based on the life of Samuel Eliot Morison including stories about his background and his works.
  •  The primary audience this full text seem to be intended for is mainly for teens and adults since it’s a lengthy text that speaks on Morison’s life. Adding on, this can be directed for students in college since this text is a scholarly article that can be found at Brooklyn college library onesearch.

The author is able to connect with the words searched by connecting the life of Samuel Eliot Morison with Polybius as historians. During the text Herold stated:

“Morison’s history of the U.S. Navy, a labor of twenty years, gave him the opportunity to realize the injunction of Polybius, that a historian should be a man of action. Of all his works it drew the greatest comment and criticism. It confounds the categories into which the separate varieties of history have been divided within the professionalized history writing of the twentieth century. It is an official history that escaped committee authorship and the imprimatur of a review board, and came to command professional respect and have a wide audience. It is contemporary history that draws together official, scholarly, and popular history.” (Herold, 492)

This is implying that during the time when Morison was serving in the
U.S Navy, he was able to understand what Polybius was trying to implement. Polybius was a man of action. Therefore by saying a historian should be a man of action, it’s indicating that Morison has learned from Polybius to not sit around and speak on something rather he should be taking action and keep his word about something.

In the Extracts of Polybius, fragments from book 6 it stated:

“For it is evident that we must regard as the best constitution a combination of all these three varieties, since we have had proof of this not only theoretically but by actual experience, Lycurgus having been the first to draw up a constitution — that of Sparta — on this principle.”

Indicating that Polybius was a man of action. He doesn’t only speak on the three varieties of the constitution Kingship, Aristocracy, and Democracy. He takes action by suggesting it would be best to combine all three constitution together for the ideal constitution. He supports his claim by implying how successful the actual experience of combining all three constitution was, therefore this shows that Polybius was a man of action since there was proof provided in order to back up his statement.

Skyscraper Influenced by Greek Architecture?

IMG_5655During my recent trip to Wall Street, I encountered a building that seems to be influenced by Greek architecture. The building is called the American Surety Building and located at 100 Broadway across from Trinity Church. Although it may not be completely influenced by Greek architectures, it still have features that resembles features that is used for the Greek architecture. For example, this building features multiple bases with columns. These columns is similar to Greek ionic columns because of how the column is shaped from bottom to top along with a capital to finish it off. Adding on as you look further up the building, it also features a architrave with a frieze. However, looking at the building from afar these features to a naked eye wouldn’t recognize it as something that has been influenced by Greek architectures. The reasoning for this is because the overall structure of the American Surety Building is not the same as Greek architectures. Thus explains why the building from far away doesn’t look like a Parthenon which a well known Greek architecture. Adding on like most buildings, the American Surety Building is made of concrete and stone. This is what makes it different to Greek architecture because it would be made up of multiple materials such as wood, marble, and baked clay. Nonetheless, the American Surety Building has features of Greek architectures that should be appreciated by people. Especially since it is located in a area that is very crowded during common hours.

How has Greek Architectures Influenced Today’s Architectures?


As I was walking home from my dentist appointment near Canal and Grand street, I noticed that the exit of the Manhattan bridge looked somewhat similar to Greek buildings. This could be compared to a Greek architecture because of how the Manhattan bridge is structured. For example, as you can see on the left side of the picture there are columns, a frieze and a base is found. Similar to Greek architectures, they used a base and columns for support and create space  while a frieze was used decoration. Adding on, it seems that the column was based off of ancient Greece Doric style. The Doric style columns are usually defined as smooth, plain and simple. It is commonly used still in today’s architectures. Although the Manhattan bridge doesn’t have a pediment it still draws some similarities between Greek architectures.  Adding on, it seems as though the Manhattan bridge was created using concrete. Concrete isn’t a uncommon material that is being used for today’s architectures. However, this differs from Greek architectures since the Greeks didn’t use concrete since it was fairly expensive back then. Therefore, they had to use more premium materials such as marble and different types of metals. By using such premium materials, it is the reason why Greek architectures are not long lasting especially with all the wear and tear it has been through. Once Greek architectures were being designed with concrete it was easily decorated and shaped compared to using premium materials, also it became more durable. Despite the differences between the Manhattan Bridge/ modern architectures and Greek Architectures, it is undeniable that Greek’s architecture has made a huge contribution and influence to how architectures are being created today. In conclusion, I believe Greek Architectures and its influences will be around for ages.

How Great was Alexander the Great?

Yuhang H., A friend, Aged 19, Facebook Messenger
1) Do you know who Alexander the Great was?    
  • “Yeah, I know who Alexander the Great was.”
2) What do you know about him?
  • “I knew that Alexander the Great led an ancient Greek army. He also fought the Persian army. He built a library that gathered many knowledgeable individuals and cultivated information from the places he conquered.”
3) Where did you learn about him?
  • “I learned about Alexander the great from global history class in middle school.”
Eric Z., A friend, Aged 18, Brooklyn Library
1) Do you know who Alexander the Great was?   
  • “Yes, but I don’t know much about him.”
2) What do you know about him?
  • “Well, I know that Alexander the Great was an Ancient Greek king and military leader. During his conquest he defeated Persia.”
3)  Where did you learn about him?
  • “I learned about him briefly from previous history lessons in (elementary/middle/high) school.”
Eric H., A friend, Aged 18, The Park
1) Do you know who Alexander the Great was? 
  • Yes, I have an idea of who he was.”
2) What do you know about him? 
  • “I know Alexander the Great was a Ancient Greek king and also a conqueror. He conquered most of the world at a young age.”
3) Where did you learn about him?
  • “I learned about him from history class in high school.”

What is similar about the answers you received? 

It seems as though that when people are questioned about who Alexander the Great was, they tend to have a very common answer. That is either ” he was a conqueror” or ” he was a leader” but overall they didn’t have a huge understanding of who he was. This makes me question myself whether if students or people in general care enough to know who he really was as a leader, a conqueror, and a king or not. This applies to many different other famous and historic not just Alexander the Great, people such as Thomas Edison and Abraham Lincoln. Most people would not have a huge idea of who they were but they know that they were important people that contributed to the society today. Most people would only know that Thomas Edison invented the light bulb and Abraham Lincoln was the United States 16th president. But is Alexander the Great in the same category as these people?

How is this similar or different to what you learned in this class?

In the reading “A history of the great world conqueror, Alexander of Macedon” in line 30 it stated “And Alexander became learned in every matter and trained himself so well, as I said before, that it became clearly evident chat he was being taught by some divinity. When he was free from tutorial counseling, from time to time he umpired his fellow students. And when he saw a team being defeated, he joined in the battle, and then, in turn, it was victorious. Thus it was clear that the victory was of his doing.” This is similar to the answers I received from the participants because it shows how Alexander was such a great leader and a conqueror. He so great that he was able to lead a team that was losing in a battle to victory. Because of how great Alexander was, it was portrayed that he was learning and training with something more divine like a God. This is what differs from the answers I received from the participates. In the modern world people would not question about how Alexander the Great became such a good leader, conqueror, and a king. People nowadays wouldn’t know that Alexander was so self trained that people started to think that he was training with a divine being. Despite all of Alexander’s achievements, people in the modern society would only be at the tip of the iceberg when they are asked about who Alexander the Great was.

Is the Ideal Society the Same for Everyone?

Does everyone have the same perspective on what their ideal picture perfect world would be like? According to the article “Browsing the Web for the ideal utopia site.” by Michael Pollak, a 45-year-old accountant in Baltimore who has written a lengthy online Utopian philosophy, Jon Will, stated ”My vision of Utopia is the ability for each person to live in their own picture of Utopia,” Mr. Will wrote in an e-mail message. ”A heaven on earth, where everyone lives as they desire.” [1] That being the case, he believes the ideal society would be best if each individual was able to live in their own utopia. On that account there would be no values lacking in the society people would live in, since everyone is living their own ideal world. For this reason, I would definitely agree with Michael because everyone’s imagine of their picture perfect society would differ from each other. Therefore, it’s best if people were able to live in their own utopia. However, in the philosopher Plato’s perspective he would disagree with Michael because he believed people should be able to work together to create one perfect society. For example,  in “The Republic” written by Plato himself he stated “That is why, too, these groups can cooperate with one another in a just system, where the money-loving producers trade their products for the protection provided by the honor-loving guardians and the knowledge provided by the wisdom-loving kings, rather than competing with them for the same goods.” His quote supports his perspective that he believed the people would’ve helped each other to reach the ideal world. Unlike to Michael’s article, everyone are living in their own utopia. Thus, Plato would have to disagree with Michael’s perspective on the ideal society.

[1] Pollak, Michael. “Browsing the Web for the ideal utopia site.” New York Times, 28 Dec. 2000, p. G8. New York State Newspapers, Accessed 16 Sept. 2017.

How Bad Should the Penalty be for Barbaric Crimes?

Recently, according to nypost, a 43 year old man from Melbourne has been charged of slitting a injured kangaroo’s throat and killing it while making foolish remarks. In the article it has stated “The killing of this kangaroo is barbaric and cruel and we expect the police to prosecute the man involved,” World Animal Protection Senior Campaign Manager Ben Pearson said in a statement to the outlet. “It is hard to understand how anyone could commit such a brutal act, let alone film it.” [1] However, even though this person has committed such an barbaric act, he was only fined $7,900- $38,000 and 6 to 24 months in jail. This may seem a little too fair for a man who has committed a crime like this and even have the audacity to post it for millions of people to view. According to Herodotus, he once said “The man who has planned badly, if fortune is on his side, may have had a stroke of luck; but his plan was a bad one nonetheless.” His quote is relatable to this article because the man who committed this crime has made a bad decision is his life, but because of a little bit of luck he was able to receive a kind penalty. However, his act was still a bad decision regardless.

The man that killed the kangaroo is being treated as the “other” in this article because he has committed a barbaric act, therefore the attention is being based on him at the moment. Most of the attention being given are mainly based from adults and teens, since the barbaric act has been filmed and posted on a well known Chinese social media site named “QQ”. It is also clear that the audience is disgusted by this barbarian and his act because he was abusing the kangaroo while it was injured, which is considered as animal cruelty. Due to the amount of attention the video has gotten, it has lead to the man being prosecuted by the police. Resulting to him being fined and jailed. Differing from the word barbarians in Greek mythology terms to today’s definition of barbarian. Greek mythology defined a barbarian as a foreigner, meanwhile the definition of barbarian in today’s society describes a person as being uncivilized. Therefore, the man who killed the kangaroo is defined in today’s definition of a barbarian because he is being perceived as an uncivilized human being for his acts.

[1] Woods, Amanda. “Man Charged in ‘Barbaric’ Killing of Injured Kangaroo.” New York Post, New York Post, 1 Sept. 2017,

Is Being too Determined a Bad Thing?

The two main characters in the film, The Prestige, Alfred Bordan and Robert Angier were both determined to become the greatest magicians. They were obsessed to out perform each other. Their determination has lead them to make extreme sacrifices in their lives. For example, Angier wanted to sabotage Borden while he was performing by shooting a real bullet during Borden’s trick to catch a flying bullet. This lead to Borden cutting 2 of his fingers off, due to how serious the injury was. In order to get revenge on Angier, Borden decided to ruin Angier’s trick of a disappearing bird by tweaking the cage that led to Angier killing the bird on stage and the cancellation of the show.

This scene reflects on today’s human society because there are some individuals that are way too determined to achieve their goals that they have to sacrifice many valuable things in their lives in order to reach that goal. Lets take sports as an for example, a lot of younger kids in today’s society want to be able to be professional athletes when they grow up due to so much exposure to sports. However, they’re not even aware of the sacrifices they would have to make in order to achieve that goal. They are so determined that they start training like adults athletes from morning to night. While barely being able to balance that type of work ethic with school work at such a young age. Adding on, they don’t even have the proper time to take care of their health. This could be the reason why kids end up getting injured or suffering from mental illnesses. They aren’t allowing themselves to rest properly. Their pure determination may be the reason for possible failure in their future.

In comparison to Antigone, Antigone was also extremely determined to risk her life in order to bury her brother. The main reasoning for this determination is because she feels as if it’s her duty to bury Polynices body since he is her brother. Also, it was against the Gods and considered as immoral to leave bodies unburied. Therefore, If Antigone didn’t bury him she would’ve felt guilty and offended the Gods. This lead to her decision to violated Creon’s law by not leaving Polynices’s body to be consumed by animals in the wild.  By doing this, she sacrifices many consequences in order to bury her brother. Consequences that would eventually leads to the death of Antigone. This may have been prevented is Antigone wasn’t so determined to bury Polynices, but because of her stubbornness she had to face her downfall. Similar to the film, The Prestige, both main characters, Robert Angier’s and Alfred Borden’s determination to be the best magicians has lead them to their own downfalls.