Aenas and other leaders

I interviewed: Brian T., Boylan Hall, Monday morning in class. He identifies himself as American and says that he was born in the USA and learned about its history and importance through schooling. He pointed out an important historical legend, Martin Luther King Jr,who stood up against racism. He explained that even if your’e able to make the slightest change in this world you should. Although racism still exists in this world Martin Luther’s legendary speech of i have a dream seems to have come somewhat true. Stores, restrooms are no longer divided by color. Because of him, things have changed which has altered history.

I interviewed: Gwen P., library, Monday morning in the bathroom. She identifies herself as Colombian, was born in the USA and learned about the history and importance of Colombia through her parents. She pointed out the first president of Colombia, Simon Bolivar who was instrumental in South America’s revolutions against the Spanish empire. She said that the “Republic of Bolivia” was created in honor of this leader. She said that because of Simon Bolivar, South America was united, free from Spanish control and this comes to show that because of important leaders like Simon Bolivar, many nations are united and freed from control of other nations.

I interviewed Steven W., cafeteria, Monday afternoon. He identifies himself as Chinese and was born in the USA. He learned about China through his parents and he said that someone who he learned about who is important to his “people” is Mao Zedong, a founder of the Chinese communist party. He was part of the Cultural Revolution and designed the Great Leap Forward which dramatically improved state production of agriculture and industry. Although his Cultural Revolution caused many deaths, it cleansed China from superstitions, religious dogma, and traditions that were outdated in a ‘modernist transformation’ that made his economic reforms possible.

What’s similar about these stories is that they all acknowledge one important leader in a country’s history. Aenas, like these leaders, is a warrior who will lead his people to safety. In Virgil’s Aenid, it says, “Aenas, however, trusting to the loyalty of the two nations who were day by day growing into one, led his forces into the field, instead of awaiting the enemy behind his walls”. Aenas is a Trojan leader who was loyal to his people, just like Martin Luther King, Simon Bolivar, and Mao Zedong.


  1. The first person I interviewed was Nancy in the library after we were done the homework. She did not mind me asking her some questions about his ethnicity and gave me permission to post her answers on this blog. She told me she is an American born Chinese. Because she always says Chinese at home, so she mainly identifies herself as Chinese. She has learned a lot of history about china from her mother. The most famous leader in china she knows is Mao Zedong. Mao is regarded as one of the most important individuals in modern world history and is also known as a theorist, military strategist, poet and visionary. In china, Mao Zedong was deeply respected and loved by the Chinese people.


  1. The second person I interviewed was Caiying Wu, Friday evening after a class. She did not mind me asking her some questions about her ethnicity and gave me permission to post her answers on this blog. She identifies herself as Chinese. She was born in China, but she immigrated to the United States at her age of 13. Therefore, she learned a lot about Chinese history in china. She told me that Chinese culture is extensive and profound. Has more than 2000 years history. Qin Shihuang is his favorite historical figure. As the first emperor of China, he indeed has a profound influence on Chinese history and culture. Qin built the first Feudal Dynasty and became the first Feudal Lord. Also, he built the Great Wall that one of the Eight Wonders of the World.


  1. The third person I interviewed was Jason, Monday night via messenger. He did not mind me asking him some questions about his ethnicity and gave me permission to post her answers on this blog. He identifies himself as American. Even though he was born in china, but he does not has deeply understand about china history.


The similarities that I noticed between each interview and the stories we learned about Rome is they all remember the important leader in their culture. They both love their country and remember it. This is similar to Juno. She loves her city. “Juno loved it, they say, beyond all other lands in the world, even beloved Samos, second best. Here she kept her armor, here her chariot too, and Carthage would rule the nations of the earth if only the Fates were willing. This was Juno’s goal”( Vergil’s Aeneid).



This statue is from the New York City Metropolitan Museum, and it was made in ca. 4500-4000 B.C. The statue is called Marble female figure. This statue is not Aphrodite because it was created from a different culture, which most likely have different religion, but in a way she is because they both have similar statuses. Such as, Aphrodite is the goddess of fertility, love, and beauty. This statue has full legs and buttocks, which also indicates fertility. They both have similarities when it comes to child making. However, in the terms of their physical appearance, it is quite different because according to pictures from google Aphrodite looks slim, and ethereal. The statue mainly have curves around on its buttocks, breasts, and waist. Honestly, the statue looks like it would do a better job bearing a child. In the translated version of Homeric Hymn to Aphrodite by William Blake Tyrrell, Aphrodite loves to get gods and goddess involved with mortal women and men, and in a way it shows her power in fertility because it is getting goddesses and female mortals pregnant.

  • “…she mingled gods with mortal women who bore mortal sons to immortals and that she mixed goddesses with mortal men…” (lines 50-53). Aphrodite’s sneaky behavior gets god and goddess involved with mortals, and most of the time demi gods (half human, half god) are created because of her influence. She eventually get into trouble because of these tactics. Zeus messes with her, then she ended up having intercourse with a mortal and giving birth to Aeneas.

Becky, Team Hera