Washington DC trip.

Few days ago I was scrolling through my camera roll and noticed something extremely useful for this class. I found a picture taken back in Spring of 2016, a picture of the Abraham Lincoln Memorial.


I find this memorial extremely wonderful and charming. It doesn’t matter how much you know about art to appreciate this. In fact, I had no knowledge in this area whatsoever! However I do now and I can say many things about this image, but what I really want to focus on today is the columns. I strongly believe that the columns in this photo are Doric type, as we don’t see anything special happening on top of the column. Its straight, slightly curved with deep carvings in it. This memorial has columns not only on the outside but also on the inside. From what I remember, I can say that the columns on the inside are those of Ionic order.

I’m not sure what’s the medium that was used to build this memorial, but I’m pretty sure it’s not marble… I believe it’s still high quality though.

The function of these columns is the same as of those back then. They are made to support the building and prevent it from falling.