Is it that hard to stand for the Anthem?

Based on the text by Macur, an ideal society has to allow you to have freedom of choice. In the text “Protest Leaves N.F.L. Necessarily Uneasy”, he talks about a conflict between two people, one that argues that you have to go by country’s rules, and one that believes otherwise. The author’s position is that whether or not the person’s doings are unethical( not standing up for the National Anthem), we shouldn’t judge him, he has to have the freedom of choice to stand or not to stand. I too live in this society as the people in the article. We are all in the United States, and I agree with the author that you should in fact have that freedom of choice to choose whatever you want to do with your life without being judged for it. However, I think its wrong not to stand for the National Anthem, because by doing so you’re just being disrespectful.  Millions of people gave their lives for the sake of this country, no matter how bad YOU think it is, those people gave their lives to make it better, and yet you can’t even get up and show respect. I believe that Xenophon would have agreed with me here, in terms of despite your country or state not being the best of them all, people have put effort to build it from pretty much nothing.”Lycurgus, who gave them the laws that they obey, and to which they owe their prosperity, I do regard with wonder; and I think that he reached the utmost limit of wisdom. For it was not by imitating other states, but by devising a system utterly different from that of most others, that he made his country pre-eminently prosperous.”(Xenophon and Aristotle). To conclude, perfect society will never exist because there will always be people who disagree and have a different view of a perfect society.

-Diana Dubitskaya, Team Mercury.


Macur, Juliet. “Protest Leaves N.F.L. Necessarily Uneasy.” New York Times, 8 Sept. 2016, p. B10(L). New York State Accessed 18 Sept. 2017.