Parisian Perspective


The oil painting above, depicting a clear-skied Parisian day, is one of many works of art following the linear perspective model. Similar to Masaccio’s Holy Trinity, this painting, which I will refer to as Paris, follows an interconnected grid of non-visible lines meant to pull the viewer’s attention to one specific point. In the case of Paris, the focal point lies near the base of the building just below the Eiffel Tower, which is shown by the outwards placement of the buildings and increasingly wide floor space as you move from the top to the bottom of the piece. In the second picture, you can actually see faint lines carved either into the oil paints themselves, or drawn onto the canvas below that lead to the focal point and may have been used as a reference for proportions and ratios within the painting. This image differs from Holy Trinity because it is non-religious, and shows a bigger emphasis on horizontal lines, as opposed to vertical ones. Additionally, Paris is painted with oil paints on canvas while Holy Trinity was composed of water-based paints on fresco, due to the different purposes they serve. Paris was meant to be sold and moved as a decorative piece, while the permanent fresco of Holy Trinity was meant as a religious statement piece in Santa Maria Novella.

– Natalie, Team Vesta

The Last Supper

This is not the actual “ The Last Supper” by Leonardo da Vinci; This is just the painting of it and it’s hanging above the prayer room in my church, which located on 59th st between 10th and 11th Avenue. I haven’t noticed that there was a painting like this hanging there until last Sunday. It   reminds me of the Ancient Rome. Christianity began in the Roman Empire, the the Christians refused to worship the Roman gods. Therefore, the religion challenge began in Rome. And it also represents the one-point linear perspective. Jesus Christ is the vanishing point, he is at the center, which brought our attention. We hang it on the wall that everyone can see it because we want to show our love and respect for Jesus.


Team Jupiter: Shiyin Zhao2537D5B8-4F47-404B-8F6F-D6F3E1EF1E2B.jpeg

The way home


I took this picture when I came home and it describe the ideas of one point linear perspective. In class I know one point perspective is a type of linear perspective. It relies on the use of lines to render objects, leading to illusion of space in graphic art. Display object will get smaller as they get further away, and converging towards a single vanishing point. From this picture, the trees on both sides of the road converge to one point and the vanishing point is in the center of the road.


-ShuLinTan, Team Venus