Cruel Women and Scum Men

Please jump to 1:40 and watch to 4:50, that is the whole story of her.

Today I’m going to talk about a character story from the game Elder Scroll V: Skyrim. I think of many other possible TV shows that may somehow related to the articles of Medea, Oedipus, and Antigone but the reality is I don’t watch TV shows much so I decided to use the character background in the game Skyrim to do my blog.

The character’s name above is called Muiri, as you can see in the video above Muiri is somewhat similar to Medea, who both take revenge on their lover (Medea killed her ex-lover’s wife and his sons, Muiri killed her ex-lover and also killed the family member who abandoned her). In my opinion, the revenge from them is acceptable, because when you pay so much to a person you love and that person just used you to achieve something, and then abandon you, I can’t really say the revenge is totally wrong. If the person you loved said that we can’t get together at the beginning, that is a different case. But these two men in stories are total scum, used their lover then cruelly threw them away, I would say their revenge is right. But I it will be best if they don’t involve other people in the revenge. At the end, this kind of men is are scums, but the revenge from these 2 girls (aunties) is just too cruel, and if a man is loved by this kind of girls, I can only say good luck to him.