Miserable Slave life

I searched up Sicily Rome “Slave Rebellion” “United States” on the website and the name of the article is “Slavery and Slave Rebellions before 1500” By Slave Revolts. The primary intended audience of the publication are people who interesting in the process of slavery and want to know why slaves rebelled.

The author connected the search terms “slave” and describes the miserable life of slaves. For example, the author said “that slaves were property; that they were outsiders who were alien by origin or who had been denied their heritage through judicial or other sanctions; that coercion could be used at will; that their labor power was at the complete disposal of a master; that they did not have the right to their own sexuality and, by extension, to their own reproductive capacities; and that the slave status was inherited unless provision was made to ameliorate that status.” This illustrates, in the past, slaves were regarded as property. They were trafficked and forced to perform menial tasks. Their lives were spent in slavery and trafficking. They have no right to decide their own life, or even their offspring. It was pathetic.

This article is seems relevant to the text Diodorus. For examples, “bought up an abundance of slaves; who being driven in droves like so many herds of cattle from the different places where they were bred and brought up, were branded with certain marks burnt on their bodies.” “so that most of them were forced to rob and steal, to get these necessities: so that all places were full of slaughters and murders, as if an army of thieves and robbers had been dispersed all over the island.” This shows, the environment of slave life is so hard. They are not taken seriously, and live a life of hunger and toil every day.

-ShuLinTan, Team Venus