The Undying Image of Beauty


In the song of Demodocus, Aphrodite is a symbol of love and beauty. She has an affair with Ares because she is just to beautiful to resist. Two of the gods are fighting over her love, she is the most beautiful person they have ever seen, men fall to their knees for her.  When Apollo asked quicksilver if he’d like to bed Aphrodite, he wanted to very badly, on page 4, he said he’d “love to bed that golden Aphrodite!”. She is depicted as golden because, she is perfection in everyones eyes. She is known to be irresistible for many people and thats why the affair with Ares is the main part of the story.
Many people made statues of Aphrodite, and worshiped her for her beauty. Many statues depicted her naked or with tight draping. This was because everyone desired her and she was a depiction of natural beauty. Aphrodite is still a very prominent symbol for natural beauty. There are even stories of people falling in love with the statues of Aphrodite, thats how beautiful she was.
Today Aphrodite is still a very prominent depiction of beauty, for example there is a store called the Aphrodite skin care in New York City. The reason why it is called that, is because Aphrodite was so beautiful that people still see her as a symbol of natural beauty. So a skin care company with the name Aphrodite is a very clever name because it reminds you of Aphrodite beauty and her flawless complexion. There are so many hair salons and spas that are named after Aphrodite. Even today you can find statues of Aphrodite around the city and many people still see her as a big image for beauty products and stores.

  • Aiden Ferris