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Pseudo- means false, un-real, a lie, e.g. Pseudonym = False Name

[The p is silent like in psychology.  The ps letter combination derives from the Greek letter ψ, called psi in English (p often pronounced but not emphasized when saying the name of the letter, but not always.]

Extra-Credit Opportunity! For .25 e.c. points use the Oxford English Dictionary (an online library resource) to find another English word using this prefix that you could reasonably use in one of your college papers or general conversation.  Write an illustrative sentence using the word appropriately.  Copy and paste from the OED the etymology and earlier and most recent examples of its use.  Credit is only given to the first type a word is posted to the blog.  Tag: ClassicsEC, OED, Pseudo

Alexander Romance is the name given to any of the 80 versions in some twenty-four languages of Alexander’s mythical biography.

There are largely works of fiction, but have been believed in parts or in full in different times and places.

The version we’re reading is translated from the Armenian.  It is thought to be base on a Greek original composed in fourth century CE in Alexandria.   A reasonable informed guess, but currently impossible to know.

PDF – for printing

EPUB – for reading on tablets and phones

Full version in pdf in case you want to read more than just the excerpt.

Olympias, Nectanebus and Philip