Short Answer. It’s a trick–I use it to meet course learning goals.

Policy.  You many earn up to 5 e.c. points towards your final grade in the class.  There will on occasion be additional e.c. opportunities that can be applied to other specific graded elements of the course.

Types of E.C.

Selfies.  Take a selfie with anything that relates to this class. Post it to the blog.  Write a description of how it relates to the class (no shorter than 150 words) and where it was taken.  Sign off with your first name and team, for example: — Memhet, Team Apollo.  Use the following tags:  SeeninNYC  (or similar for other places), ClassicsEC, Selfie, and any other tags relevant to the post.  If your selfie is selected for the class showcase you win 1 full e.c. point.  If not, its worth .25 e.c.  You many enter up to 4 times over the course of the semester.   Selections for the showcase are made on the quality of the written description (not the quality of the image!).

Learn More!  These are announced in class OR posted on the web page for a class meeting.  They ask you to learn more about a topic on your own and post your answer to the class blog.  You may not give an answer to the question that has already been offered by another student.  Most questions will have many possible answers.  Your answer should be at least 250 words long and you must cite your sources.  Use the following tags:  LearnMore, ClassicsEC, and any other tags relevant to the post.

Audio Recordings.  Choose any homework assignment and record yourself reading it aloud (you can do this on your Smart Phone!  A decent free iOS app, Android app).  Upload this recording to youtube (setting must be unlisted or public).  Create a blog post to announce your recording.  In the post include a link to the youtube video and a clear indication of what you recorded.  If it is a dramatic reading with multiple participants, be sure to name everyone in the post!  Use the following tags:  Audio, ClassicsEC, and any other tags relevant to the post.

Digital Archiving.  This is worth lots of points: the full 5 pts possible!  What you need to do is set up a shared dropbox or google drive folder and take responsibility for scanning all the materials in the team folder and all your note-taking assistance sheets and uploading them.  You must then share the folder with me and your  teammates.  Too much work?  No problem.  You can share the work and share the points.  Say two team members work together on creating the archive, its worth 2.5 pts each.  Or, if you agree 3 and 2 if one person did more work than the other.  Up to five team members can earn this e.c. (That would be 1 pt each).

Check back for more as the semester goes on!