Filipino Vs. Haitian

This picture was taken in the Brooklyn College Library alongside my friend Gaby. One thing I’ve learned in this class so far is that “the others” were considered barbaric. In other words, anyone who was not Greek would be looked down on because to the Greeks their speech sounded like so, “Bar-bar-bar”. Here the same concept applies because Gaby here is Filipino and I am Haitian. Since ethnically we are in different groups, to me she fits in the group of “the others”  and that same concept can be applied to me coming from her point of view. It is very fortunate that we did not live in those ancient times otherwise, we would not have only torn each other apart, but we would be cruel, judgemental, and would treat each other like we are lesser than human. But today, due to evolutions in society we are able to accept each other’s differences.                                                                  -Izadora, Team Aphrodite