Barbarian Sex


Reeder on LGBTQ campus activists: ‘They don’t want to debate what a marriage actually is. They want to silence those they cannot answer.’

Gay marriage, gay sex and all things not heterosexual is under fire in Georgetown University! Constantly the media is plagued with the argument that gay marriage should be accepted into the lives of others who may or may not care what someone else’s relationship is to another person. The Catholic Church and many extreme Christian Groups are among the people who rape the privacy of those who love whom they love without bothering anyone else. Campus activist promoting heterosexual marriage lost its funding and permission to be on campus due to their article “Defund Intolerance” (Reeder III).

One memorable comment by this Roman Catholic group is “As it [Christianity] moved north, south, east and west, it encountered barbarian tribes with barbarian cultures, including barbarian definitions of marriage and family such as bigamy and polygamy. When Christianity came, lives were changed and the structure of marriage and family was changed” (Reeder III). The statement bluntly refers students and faculty of Georgetown University as “Barbarians” or foreigners of their expectations and guidelines to “morality”.  This article, aimed at all of the college students to invoke embarrassment of their sexual orientation, shows how because religious group disagrees and does not understand another person’s view immediately uses the term barbarian. The term is used in order to tease, discriminate and make anyone a part of the LGBTQ feel there marriage is illegitimate by addressing biblical verses.


Reeder, Harry L. “Reeder on LGBTQ campus activists: ‘They don’t want to debate what a marriage actually is. They want to silence those they cannot answer.’.” Yellowhammer News, Yellow Hammer, 8 Nov. 2017,


Barbarian attacks in Myanmar

In recent news there has been recent attacks against the Rohingya Muslims by the Myanmar Army and police. The Myanmar police and army are being called barbaric for their violent actions against the Rohingya Muslims. Many have claimed this as an ethnic cleansing because their is only a single group being targeted as stated in the article Barbarism in Burma “Burmese security forces have visibly outshine the IS barbarians in the Middle East..” referencing the violent acts of Isis and comparing how brutal the attacks on the Rohingya people have become. The Myanmar police and army are considered as the barbarians in this conflict for their daily massacres against Rohingya Muslims.   The way barbarian used in this reference is different in the way Herodotus used it in Herodotus’ Histories. Herodotus used the word barbarian as a way to refer to the persians who came from different origins and spoke a different language. But in this article the Burmese army and police are being labeled as barbaric, as I’ve said, for their violent acts. So the meaning of barbarian was shifted from someone who spoke a different language to someone who does violent acts. 

    The article is trying to gain attention from mainstream media so they can learn about the atrocities happening in Burma. The Rohinyga people are an estimated one million with a major amount of them being muslim and the others being hindu. This attack has been claimed as an ethnic cleansing because only the muslim group has been targeted of the violent attacks.

Malik, Mohsin Raza “Barbarism In Burma” The Nation September 07, 2017 Google News Web September 11,2017 

Herodotus Herodotus’ Histories

High Security Prison Inhumane???

Many people have opinions on death sentencing and the way a person should be executed on death row. In this article, the News Minute Staff discusses hanging as a “mode of executing death row convicts”. A public interest litigation filed in the supreme court challenging the execution of death by hanging.
Throughout the article, you see many petitioners and court cases that apply to this issue. As said in the article’s title, they believe that this method is “barbaric, inhuman and cruel”. The News Minute Staff continues by describing the process of hanging in a high security prison in the United States. “The day before an execution prisoner goes through a harrowing experience of being weighed, measured for length of drop to assure breaking of the neck, the size of the neck, body measurements etc. When the trap springs he dangles at the end of rope. There are times when the neck has not been broken and the prisoner strangles to death.” The description goes on and is even more graphic and disturbing but this is the sad truth behind death row.
The prisoners are clearly being treated as the “others” in this article. The target audience are American citizens who really don’t know what goes on in prison or how the execution process works. The social value that is being discussed is that dying this way is inhumane. “The Right to Life including the Right to Live with human dignity would mean the existence of such a right up to the end of natural life. This also includes the right to a dignified life up to the point of death including a dignified procedure of death. In other words, this may include the right of a dying man to also die with dignity when his life is ebbing out.” Herodotus speaks in book 1, the chapter of “Ethnography of the Persians”. He speaks about how the Persians are the “others” and describes their sacrifices similar to the death row punishment described further in the article. “It is not lawful to offer sacrifice unless there is a Magus present. After waiting a short time the sacrifice carries the flesh of the victim away with him, and makes whatever use of it he may please.”
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Senseless Murder

The word “OTHER”, has a sense of feeling that this person is different and unusual. In this article, A University of Santo Tomas law freshman was killed in a hazing incident. So the “Other” is the criminal from the Aegis Juris Fraternity because the article explained that they blamed the people from the Aegis Juris Fraternity. The tone of their writing made it sound like, the people of Aegis Juris Fraternity is a bunch of low-lives. Even though the death of Atio is still under investigation, the article is telling me that the criminal is from Aegis Juris Fraternity. The target of the audience is to tell people of the injustice that is happening and support the justice for the death of Horacio Castillo III.
The social value in this case is that if someone commits injustice, the victim’s family should have the right’s to do justice. The family of the deceased wrote a statement to bring forth the killer, so justice can take place. In class, we discussed about how barbarian are people who are foreign to the land and speak a different language. Just like in the Herodotus of the Persians, “For Asia,  with all the various tribes of barbarians that inhibit it…”. This quote explained that the Greeks treated Asia as the Other because of their language. So the Greeks invaded Asia and destroyed the kingdom of Priam. To me it looks like the Greeks are Barbarians because they went in to destroy the kingdom just because they took one woman. However, when the Greeks took their woman, the asiatic did nothing. So in my opinion, I felt that the barbarians were the Greeks.

News, ABS-CBN. “’Barbaric’: Family of UST Student Killed in Hazing Cries for Justice.” ABS-CBN News, 18 Sept. 2017,

Bannon The Barbarian is quite catchy.

Today’s political climate is very polarizing. The divide by the two major groups, conservatives and liberals, are shown to be increasingly wary of each other. If you do not agree with their opinion, you are obviously the enemy. This is the case with the media too. In this article, it accuses CBS as purposely manipulating camera angles in order to ensure that Mr. Bannon was seen in a negative light. Furthermore, it praises Trump’s plans and bashes on Hillary Clinton. The author, Chuck Muth, describes Hillary Clinton as a fraud. The only reason she was even seen in a positive light was due to the fact that the media kept praising her and calling her “intelligent”, when in fact, she was far from it. This is in line with this quote, “If you are not with us, you are against us.” If you are not in line with what a group believes in, you are polarized for even having a different belief. Same goes for both sides, liberal and conservative. The title is a play on this issue, where we see the other side as this evil, this dumb, stupid backwards savage that does not understand the REAL issues. One would describe Mr. Bannon as a “barbarian”, if the person describing him were to be a liberal. This is also noted in Herodotus, where “the Greeks forced some to be tributaries, while allying with others (1.5-7, Paragraph 6). The Greeks would force those with a different culture into becoming one of them, meanwhile, they also allied with those that aligned more with their ideals. This is an extreme version of modern USA, where political groups would try to accuse the other of being savages just for having a different opinion as them. The idea of joining a group, or being forced to, because you are the enemy remains very true to this day. In this increasingly tense times, one must note that both groups are the same people, just with different beliefs, but both deserve respect for showing their opinions.


Muth, Chuck. “Bannon The Barbarian Conquers ‘60 Minutes.’” Google News,

How Extreme Should The Punishment for Rapists be?


Human Rights activists oppose the proposal that rapists should be castrated as their punishment because they feel as if it is too violent of a punishment. The CAGED spokesperson Thomas Fann believes that criminal justice shouldn’t be decided by one state in particular as it is a federal matter. He went on to say that punishments that are irreversible should not even be considered, as no criminal justice system is perfect, and mistakes are very likely to occur. If a situation were to arise where someone was wrongfully convicted and was given a irreversible punishment, it would only cause more problems. In addition, he argued that these crimes wouldn’t simply be stopped with this punishments. Fann believes it is more important to figure out how to get victims to handle situations like rape and incest so that they are able/comfortable enough to report it and to find the reason behind these horrific occurrences. The Amnesty International Malaysia’s (AIM) executive director Shamini Darshni Kaliemuthu says that although sexual crimes are atrocious, this kind of punishment would be inhumane and a violation to human rights. She urges for the Sarawak government to find a more “effective” punishment for these offenders. Another opposer of this proposal is the Tenaganita director Aegile Fernandez. She says “ the castration of rapists is wrong and questions the need for such “a barbaric act” on a human being”. All these human rights activists against using castration as a punishment for rapists believe that instead we should be focusing on making a better a environment for rape and incest victims to come forward and report their situation without being afraid of being judged by their society. Not having a safe place where people can talk about the injustices that happen to them has caused a rise in both rape and incest over the past years, so the creation of a “safe” environment for them is absolutely necessary.
The “other” in this article are the victims of rape. In this article human rights activists are arguing that castration is too barbaric to use as a punishment for rapists, however the acts they committed would be considered as more barbaric than castration by most people. The target audience for this article would be those who favor castrating as a solution/punishment for rapists, because it provides multiple reasons for why castration would a barbaric thing to do to rapists. The social value being affirmed as shared value for the target audience is that although someone commits something very wrong, the solution to that should not be something cruel because that would not fix anything. Barbarian is a person in a savage, primitive state. Therefore, this is similar to the word barbarian in class because the rape is a barbaric action. Herodotus states “men of sense care nothing for women.” This is an example of barbaric.

Mohammed Uddin, Vulcan

The ‘barbarian’ in the mirror.

the mirror

It was taught during one of our lectures, that the word ‘barbarian’ originated from the Greek word, ‘bar bar.’ It was a term they used for foreigners that didn’t speak their language, the Greeks as history portrayed, were not too keen on foreigners. As you can imagine, the word itself underwent some changes since then and now and may yet to change again. As an illustration, I will discuss two articles that mentioned the word ‘barbarian’ to decipher what it meant in that subtext.

The article, “Bow Down to the Tattooed Queen” is about the actress, Judi Dench’s role as Victoria in the saga,”Mr. Brown.”In her saga, her character became involved with a younger servant after the death of her husband. In the second addition to the saga, called “Victoria and Abdul,” she mourned the death of her Scottish lover, but was soon after involved with another servant. Her relationship with the second servant was especially controversial because of his race being Indian Muslim.  For instance, while filming the movie, they ran into some issues when a group of right wing Indian nationalist charged the set, they claimed that the movie wanted “to absolve our barbaric behavior in colonized countries.”

In the second article, “School Lunch Without Shame” was about the importance of keeping the lunch payment discrete so as not to humiliate the students that could not afford to pay. “Nationally, however, far too many school districts still employ barbaric policies under which children are openly humiliated when their parents cannot pay lunch bills”. This article was written to berate the cities or states that do no use this program.

The target audience for both these vary, for the first article, the issue regarding the first article was race. The building of the statue of Victoria was purely for the film production but the right wing Indian nationalist saw it as an act of disrespect considering that they were under the British rule. The target audience would be the film makers, actors, and any future acts. In the second article, it could be said that the target audience would be the parents, by making the parents aware of how of how their children might be feeling, it would also urge them to ensure that their children have these programs at their school.  These articles are similar in the way that they use the word ‘barbaric’, it was first used to describe the right wing Indian nationalist and then it was used as to describe an old law that no longer fits in with modern society. They are similar in the way that they are both used to describe people that are holding on to things of the past. In a way I think of the “the destiny of a man is in his soul” from Herodotus fitting of the word ‘barbarian,’ it will forever be changing based on what is the aim of the person.

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War. Does it mean we have to be Barbarians?

“to search out and destroy the last vestige of this barbaric war, to pacify our own hearts, to conquer the hate and fear that have driven this country these last 10 years and more.”

“His own rank was too humble for him to hope to obtain vengence without some barbaric help” – Herodotus

The Vietnam war started in November of 1955.  The United States joined in to combat the Vietnamese along side the French. Both the united States and the French used very questionable methods of warfare. The French would even go as far to use guillotine’s to execute Vietnamese soldiers. The United States was responsible for the bombings in Vietnam and also the countless Napalm strikes. The burning of innocent villages and the radiation even done to their own soldiers are all effects of the United States and their strive to win the war. The Vietnamese are essentially the “Others”. In the conclusion of the article the Vietnamese have a museum in Saigon for the war crimes that took place.  Through reading the article ” Vietnam revisits a barbaric war and asks, what went wrong” the targeted audience is the American people because of how the article points out many wrong doings by the United States. Such as shooting and killing the civilians, pursuing Vietnam even though the United States was no closer to winning the war, resulting in more lost lives. Hopefully the same mistakes aren’t repeated again.  Barbarian ties into our readings from class with the meaning not like ourselves.

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Barbaric Atrocity in the World

Unfortunately, many atrocities occur in the modern world. An example of these atrocities is the deaths of Thato Salemane and Tumisang Lengau. These girls, ages 16 and 18, were brutally murdered and possibly raped on Friday, September 8th and discovered the next day. In the article, the provincial deputy police commissioner, Major-General Jones said,”To have such young vulnerable women killed in this barbaric manner is appalling and cannot be tolerated.” In this statement, the word barbaric is referring to the murderer/s and the brutal way they killed these girls. I think that this term is used justly for today’s meaning of the word because in modern society, barbarian, which is where the word barbaric is derived from, means a person in a savage, primitive state according to If we are referring to the original meaning of the word, which is a non-Greek, then this word would be unfit, but since we are not, it is used justly. The target audience that this article is trying to reach is the general public because the police want to protect the public and to get as much information as they can about the girls’ murder. This article is meant to show that such horrific violence against anyone, especially women, will not be tolerated.

The word “barbarian” has been around since Ancient Greece. It has been used in the writing of Herodotus to describe non-Greek warriors throughout history. In his writing, Herodotus uses barbarian to describe the Persians. For example, Herodotus writes, “That was what the barbarians thought; but the Athenians, when they came to hand-to-hand fighting, fought right worthily” (Herodotus 47). I think in this context, Herodotus says barbarians in a negative context. This is because he uses Persians and barbarians interchangeably and he usually uses the term barbarian to describe the Persians when he is boasting about the Greeks like the example shown above. In both the article and Herodotus’s writings, barbaric and barbarian are used in a negative context. The difference is that Herodotus uses barbarian to describe non Greeks and to speak boastfully about Greeks and in the article, barbaric is used to describe the dark side and savagery of humanity.


Barbaric Definition

EtheridgeNew24, Jenna. “Two Teenage Girls Stabbed to Death in ‘Barbaric Manner’.”News24, News24, 10 Sept. 2017,

Full Article

Fetus Killers or Barbarians?

If one is ever called a barbarian they should take that as a great insult. To be barbarian means to be a savage, inhumane, having no relation to civilization. In the article Abortion is barbaric and immoral by Billy Long, he refers to everyone who have a role in abortion or simply support the practices as barbarians. He begins bringing out how in the ancient religions such as Baal worship, child sacrifice was used to pay their sins to the Gods yet they were still highly immoral and promiscuous. Long compares it to how in today’s society people have not changed and similarly have no respect for the lives of unborn infants. He expresses his hatred for the practice and ties it back to the term barbaric in the title with the following sentence ,

“The practice of partial-birth abortions proves the evil and callousness of the industry.”

Barbarians were often thought to be “evil” and “callous” by the Greek. Long even goes into detail about the gruesome abortion practice to drive home his point and targets all who may be leaning towards acceptance of abortion. Barbarians were also thought to use  gruesome ways to murder individuals such as cannabalism and were perceived to lack any moral laws or sense of right and wrong similar to how Long portrays individuals who condone of abortion to be. In Herodotus on the Persians he states,

“For since the Greeks fought orderly and in array, but the barbarians were by now disordered and did nought of set purpose…” (Book 8, Chapter 86)

Apparently there was an orderly way to fight and a disorderly one. Whether this referred to the difference in fighting tactics or the weaponry used, one this is for sure barbarians were thought to lack order in whatever they did. As was learned in class, since they did not speak Greek they were seen as lower than humans some kind of animals and this is exactly how long views those who practice abortions.



Long, Billy. “Abortion is barbaric and immoral.” Myrtlebeachonline, Myrtle b, 10 Sept. 2017, Accessed 11 Sept. 2017.

Barbaric’s in todays world

Imagine moving into another country and not having anything or knowing anyone. You find yourself immersed in a new and exotic culture to which you try to adapt with little luck. It gets no easier when people are judging you wherever you go, by the clothes you wear, your outer features and broken language. You are otherwise referred to as a barbarian or barbaric. Unwelcomed, along with the hundreds of others from your country who are seen as uncivilized and strange. This was the treatment others received from Athens and many Greek nations in general. Barbaric, you’ve heard this word many times before, but what does it actually mean? The two most common definitions for this term are as follows: either savagely cruel or unsophisticated and uncivilized. But when do we actually refer to someone or something as being barbaric? Although both definitions can be quite similar, in context they can symbolize many different meanings. The two articles which use the term barbaric interpret the definition to be savagely cruel, unlike what we have read in Herodotus’ work.

The authors use of the word, barbaric, in “School Lunch Without Shame,” allows the term to be loosely translated to its first meaning, savagely cruel. He quotes, “far too many school districts still employ barbaric policies under which children are openly humiliated when their parents cannot pay lunch bills.” The main point of this article focuses on the brutal policies employed by NYC Department of Education (NYCDOE) which prevents millions of children from being fed unless their parents have paid the bills. They have grouped these hungry school children into a certain other who won’t be fed during lunchtime. This method of collecting money is certainly cruel and problematic to children who solely depend on their parent’s support. Moreover, if you consider the fact that this lunch lacks real nutritional value and is nothing more than slop, you would also learn to resent this notorious policy. In the second article, “Today Our Entire Nation Grieves With You.’ Read President Trump’s 9/11 Memorial Remarks,” Trump declared ““This is a battle between barbaric criminals who seek to obliterate human life and decent people.”” In this statement Trump calls the Taliban a bunch of “barbaric criminals.” Many people have used this term when speaking of the Taliban because of their extreme violence to control a country of innocent people. The Taliban are the other, the savagely cruel invaders of Islamic nations. Both these articles use the word barbaric in a similar context. The meaning they convey is the actions taken by those who discriminate against people and group them into a certain other are unethical and cruel. While one article refers to NYC Department of Education’s school lunch policies, in his remarks Trump refers to the Taliban and their effort to control millions of civilians using immoral tactics. Both articles argue that it is shameful to dehumanize a group of people; to not feed hungry children because their parents haven’t paid the bills and to destroy homes of thousands of people because you would like to employ your new strategies of ruling a country. These articles are, presumably, appealing to the public at large. To those who care about human life and treating everyone equally.

The use of this word in these particular articles are more different compared to the reading, Herodotus. In his excerpts Herodotus mentions the Greek “grown from something small to be a multitude of peoples by the accretion chiefly of the Pelasgians but of many other barbarian peoples as well.” When he uses the word, Herodotus refers to anyone who is not Greek as barbarians; the uncivilized who have moved into the Greek world for one reason or another.
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Justice for the Wild


“This idea of killing wildlife any time there is a conflict is just barbaric.”

The article published by Kristin Hugo treats the wild animals as victims of harsh and cruel treatment from government agencies that kill millions of animals every year. The intended audience of this article would be people who can/do sympathize with animals, as well as groups that work to better conditions of life for animals. The article provides insight as for what the purposes are for filing several lawsuits against different Wildlife Services. “This idea of killing wildlife any time there is a conflict is just barbaric.” Going based off this, the shared social value is that treating animals this way is immoral and unjust, and there needs to be a stop put to it.


Generally, when we think of the word “Barbarian”, or “barbaric”, one might assume that you’re calling a person (or their actions) uncivilized, uncalled for, or overall hectic/crazy. This definition would go hand in hand with the usage of the term in this particular article, but if we compare it to how the phrase was used in readings from class, there is a relatively noticeable difference. For one, in the readings from Herodotus on the Persians, “barbarians” are characterized as people who aren’t from the particular region in Greece, or who didn’t speak Greek at all. One of the key similarities however between these two differences would be that both are used as labels for those who act/can be considered as outsiders. People who don’t necessarily fit in, whether it be because of their behavior, or their mannerisms.

“For Asia, with all the various tribes of barbarians that inhibit it, is regarded by the Persians as their own; but Europe and the Greek race look on as distinct and separate.” This quote from Herodotus goes to show that whilst the Persians looked at Asians as their own people, the Europeans and Greek didn’t necessarily look down on them, but rather made it known that Asian members and the European & Greeks were not the same.



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Here come the Barbari… oh wait, wrong ones

There were 2 recent articles used on the New York State Newspaper Database website, using the terms ‘barbarian’ and ‘barbarians’.  The title for the first one was “Bannon is ready for #War”.  The quote that used the word was “While exiting stage far right on Friday, Mr. Bannon referred to himself as “Bannon the Barbarian” and declared that he was ‘jacked up’ and ‘ready to crush the opposition'” (Rutenberg, 2).  The second post was titled “ValueAct increases stake in Kravis’ KKR”.  The quote that had the specific word in it was “Although ValueAct and KKR are both known for rattling the cages of the companies they invest in – KKR’s tenacity, of course, was immortalized in the 1989 book “Barbarians at the Gate” – this engagement so far seems friendly.” (New York Post, 3).

Both articles have a unique way of using the word.  Each have their own person or thing they are referring to.  The article discussing Bannon uses the term to help describe Bannon, though more specifically how he describes himself.  Bannon uses the term to call himself ‘Other’ in a way.  Its sort of a self-proclaimed title.  As for the article about ValueAct, it uses it to describe how KKR was previously seen back in 1989.  For its targeted audience, I believe that both articles are very different in that matter.  For the Bannon article, I think the targeted audience is people who are into politics and are fans of Breitbart.  Breitbart is a political website that talks about daily political news, which is also where Steve Bannon works.  People who read on that website daily or are a fan of his work would like this article perhaps.  The second article about ValueAct is most likely trying to attract people who are into business and want to be involved in stock markets.  With that, the social value being shared with the public in this article is that of how the world of marketing or working in one like it can be very hectic and crazy sometimes.  It can also show how dangerous some companies can get sometimes in that area of life.  The social value however for the article about Bannon is in how he feels the need to act strongly and almost “barbaric” for the ‘#War’ that’s coming.  In doing that however, the use of the word in the Bannon article is much more relatable in our class than the ValueAct article.

With the Bannon article, him describing himself as a barbarian for a war is very war-like and battle ready, similar to that of the Greeks view of the Persians.  It can also be seen in a quote from our reading, as it says “The Persians, who had long been impatient of the Median Dominion, now that they had found a leader, were delighted to shake off the yoke.” (Herodotus, 127).  Its almost like as if he wants us to believe that he is the strongest and fiercest their is.  That if you mess with him, you are in big trouble.  The ValueAct however is referring back more so to the way in which people attack and take from people like ValueAct in a barbaric way.  That doesn’t really connect that well back to what we discussed in class.  If we focused more on how economically the Persians and “Others” attacks affected Greece financially or economically, then it could be more relatable.  This also makes it so that the use of this word is different in many ways in both articles.  For Bannon’s use of the word, it is more present tense, war like, and used to describe himself.  The ValueAct articles use of the word is more past tense, and is more so to describe an event and what happened to multiple people.  In conclusion, it can be seen that both articles have their own use of the word.  Whether it be referring back to an old piece of work or to describe ones mood, the term barbarian is still alive and well today.

  • Scott, Team Cronos

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Build Bridges, Don’t Tear Them Down

The article, “Building Bridges,” written by Khai Hoang of The Daily Herald, a Roanoke Valley-based news source, is about a man named Tru Pettigrew and his efforts to repair relationships between minorities and law enforcement.

Pettigrew led a discussion – called his “COHORT (Community Organizers Helping Officers Restore Trust) Forum.” At one point he asked about people’s experiences with “when another person lumped them into a single story,” to which one attendee –  Roanoke Rapids police Sgt. Mark Peck, responded by telling a story of how while he grew up in Japan, “the children there called him gaijin, which he said means foreigner or barbarian.” In this instance, the word, “barbarian,” is used to distinguish Sgt. Mark Peck, a young American boy in the context of his story, from a group of young Japanese children. Here, Mark Peck is being treated as the “Other.”

The target audience of this article is primarily made up of members of the Roanoke Valley – Lake Gaston community, as this news source is a local one for that area. The target audience is also likely made up of people who also want to see social justice issues, like police brutality, fixed, as that is essentially what the article is about. This passion for social justice, especially for the fight against police brutality, is the shared, social value that the target audience has.

In the context of the article, this use of the word “barbarian” is quite different from its use in the texts of Herodotus. While in both texts, “barbarian” denotes a distinction, and usually has a negative connotation, the article, “Building Bridges” uses the word to tell a story, ultimately for the purpose of raising awareness for a social issue. In the historical texts of Herodotus, he uses the word simply to mean non-Greek people. At one point Herodotus writes, “His (Harpagus’) own rank was too humble for him to hope to obtain vengeance without some barbarian help.” This phrase implies that a person of higher-status would not have to stoop so low as to get help from an outsider, so there is still negative connotation, but the word is being used here solely to tell a story and preserve history.

-Harry Keener

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Hoang, Khai. “Building bridges.” The Daily Herald, 10 Sept. 2017, Accessed 11 Sept. 2017.



Ooh, Shiny!


When is it appropriate to label someone a barbarian? When they eat with their hands? When they speak a language that is not your own? Well, in Greek society a person was considered a barbarian because they were different and to the Greeks, anything that wasn’t Greek was beneath them. In modern culture we are somewhat similar. Anyone who does not share our moral standards is a barbarian.

Greed has the capability of turning the most civilized of people into total barbarians. Such is the case with illegal poachers and the Ivory trade. In Los Angeles, the sale of Ivory products is now illegal under the new law filed on September 6th, by Attorney Mike Feur. Three men charged with the illegal sale of Ivory products are being regarded as barbarians.

“The Ivory trade is barbaric. It jeopardizes many animals that are at risk or on the verge of extinction,” Feuer said.

This article is most likely centered towardenvironmentalist and those who advocate against cruelty toward animals. These men, through their actions are characterized as selfish and greedy and are now depicted as barbarians because they do not share the same sympathy toward endangered animals, and animals in general, that the law or public does. This barbaric Greed is similar in the case of Croesus us whomever forced the Greeks to pay tribute to him and “conquered the Aeolians, Ionians and Dorrance of Asia.”

And though Croesus had succeeded in doing these many things, he was still referred to by Greeks as a lowly barbarian.


September 6, 2017

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A Barbarian’s Sport Played by Gentlemen


I came across a sports news article which talked about how rugby is becoming a “thug game” played by barbarians. Smnikiwe Xabanisa retold the story about rugby players brawling over a racist team player and said that “the lesson hidden in that caning was an interpretation of Oscar Wilde’s quote about rugby being a barbarian’s sport played by gentlemen, and football being a gentleman’s game played by barbarians” (Xabanisa). What Xabanisa wants his readers to understand is that sporting opposites attract: rugby is a barbarian sport because of its aggression in nature and the likeliness of getting injured, whereas football is considered a sport that is less aggressive considering the ground rules, but with players being much more aggressive than rugby players. I chose to write about this article because it shows how the word ‘barbarian’ has evolved and how it is used in everyday English language. Barbarians are those who are considered very violent, as portrayed in the article. I believe that the target audience are people with an interest in sports. The social value that is being affirmed is how easy it is to be labeled. Just because something is said to be or appears to be a certain way, doesn’t mean it is true about everyone. Rugby may be widely known as a “barbarian’s sport”, but it doesn’t mean that every person that plays it lives up to the definition of a barbarian: a person without culture or education.

The usage of the term in the article differs from one of the lines in Herodotus’s text: “…and that great and marvelous deeds done by Greeks and barbarians, and especially the reason why they warred against each other, may not lack renown” (Herodotus, Preface: Statement of Purpose). This differs in how barbarian is used in the article because barbarians are represented as non-violent people whose deeds are being acknowledged, as opposed to people who are violent. This comes to show how the word barbarian can take on many different meanings depending on how you use it in your writing and how easy it is to generalize different groups of people.                                                                                                                                                                                           

Simnikiwe Xabanisa -. “Rugby is fast becoming a thug’s game played by barbarians.” Sport, 10 Sept. 2017.

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Rugby: A Barbarians Game

Rugby has a well-deserved reputation for being dangerous. It is, after all, the sport where players cover their ears to prevent them from being mutilated or ripped off. In the article written by Simnikiwe Xabanisa, she explains how she witnessed a “free-for-all brawl” occur after racial slurs were said during the game on the field. Xabanisa then begins to reflect on some other physical fights she has seen throughout her experiences watching rugby, including players assaulting referee officials for bad calls.

In this article, the rugby players are seen as the “others” in the situation that some players can become very involved in the game and take it way too far. Xabanisa is trying to convey this message to people who may have interest in rugby so that they can have a primary source of what is seen going on during the games. The use of barbarian in this article is suitable for the definition. The definition of barbarian is a human who is perceived to be uncivilized. In the article the players who have participated in those acts of violence were not being civilized at all in the slightest bit, making the definition appropriate to describe them.

The meaning of barbarian has changed drastically over time. It is perceived to mean now to describe someone who is uncivilized but when the word first originated it had a whole different meaning. In Herodotus’s Histories, the word “barbarian” is used to describe civilizations outside from one’s culture. It states in Book 1, Chapter 4 (1.4), “For Asia, with all the various tribes of barbarians that inhabit it, is regarded by the Persians as their own; but Europe and the Greek race they look on a distinct and separate.” This shows that the barbarians were just people who were different from the norms of the Greek culture.


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The Barbarians of the Modern Age
Mevlüt Cavusoglu considered that Europe “was turning towards the values of the era which preceded the Second World War…barbarism, fascism, violence and intolerance.”

As this article is presented from a pro-Europe point of view, the ‘other’ is the opposing viewpoint which in this case is the Turkish government. This is the case as the paper publishing these anti-Europe comments is a European paper attempting to show the hypocrisy in the comments from a nation slowly abandoning democracy. The target audience of this article is the populists of Europe, as the article describes a Turkish government member commenting on German  “submission to populism”. The social value of populism is specifically the social value being affirmed in this Belgian newspaper. This is apparent as Belgian society is ruled by and dominated by these ideals. Things like social welfare and publicly funded works and aid are some of the governments most strongly supported actions. This kind of society is being embraced all around Europe from the ultra-progressive Scandinavians to the newly populist Germans. The use of this term barbarism is meant to describe the changing dynamics of the politics in Europe from the point of view of anti-populist Turks. This is similar to how it is used in class as both the Greeks and the Turks believe that the ideals of another group of people are wrong not because of any facts or well put together reasoning, but simply because the people with those ideals look and talk differently from those who claim barbarism.

Croesus,son of Alyattes ,by birth a Lydian, was lord of all the nations to the west of the river Halys. This stream ,which separates Syria from Paphlagonia, runs with a course from south to north, and finally falls into the Euxine. Sofara sour knowledge goes, he was the first of the barbarians who had dealings with the greeks.

This quotes basically shows that the Greeks considered any group of people that looked and spoke different from them to be Barbarians and uncivilized.


News, TBT. “Turkey accuses Europe of turning to.” The Brussels Times, 11 Sept. 2017, Accessed 11 Sept. 2017

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Barbaric Murder

Last Sunday two teen girls were barbarically stabbed to death in Botshabelo South Africa. The two girls were making there way through town after a vigil for a family member when they were jumped and brutally murdered, found with multiple stab wounds. Deputy police commissioner of the region Major-General Jones Qhosbosheane says “To have such young vulnerable women killed in this barbaric manner is appalling and cannot be tolerated.” The intended audience of this article is mainly those in the nearby region as its main goal is to have those with any possible tips contact authorities, however its reach is much farther then just that. It is a shocking article that shows the reader how brutal the world truly can be. The way the article is written shows how acts like these are not tolerated in any kind and those who preform such acts will always be found resposible and faces the consequences. The word barbarian is often used in the same manner across different platforms, in this case a news article uses it to shed light on a harsh and forceful murder at an attempt to remove those responsible from society, in a very similar way Herodotus says ” Croesus, son of Alyattes was lord of all nations to the west of the river Halys… he was the first barbarian who had dealings with the Greeks, forcing them to become his tributaries.” The way in which the word barbarian is used in tboth texts depicts someone who is forecful, vicious, and cruel.

Etheridge, Jenna. “Two teenage girls stabbed to death in ‘barbaric manner’.” News24, 10 Sept. 2017, Accessed 11 Sept. 2017.

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We Live In A Barbaric Society


The term “barbaric,” in the modern society, means to be exceedingly cruel, or savagely brutal. Many incidents transpire daily which involve barbaric acts being executed. Any act done in this manner should be disapproved of, and should be avoided through implementing strict regulations.

In the article “Saudi Arabia must do something about its Barbaric Human Rights Practices,” the author explains Saudi Arabia’s difficult situation of transition. The newly crowned Prince, Mohammed Bin Salman, intends to usher his land into a prosperous and successful era, called the “Vision 2030,” which entails building “a thriving country in which all citizens can fulfill their dreams, hopes and ambitions,” whilst being “tolerant,” and providing a “gateway to the world.” Since commencing this initiative, multiple incidents opposing these principles have emerged. Firstly, 14 Saudi men were accused and arrested with “terrorism-related offences” after allegedly staging protests in the kingdom of the Prince, countering the principle of being “tolerant” and allowing citizens to fulfill their “dreams, hopes and ambitions.” These new ideologies of the “Vision 2030” were again violated in the wrongful arrest of a Saudi blogger who advocated for a more liberal, secular and moderate country. According to authorities, these were violations of the nation’s conservative Islamic Establishment. The term “barbaric” is used in a very predominant sentence to the article, “If Saudi leaders really want to embrace modernism, they could start by reversing the barbaric death sentences imposed on 14 Shiite men for taking part in demonstrations,” meaning that the kingdom should start following the principles of the new regime in order to increase the pace of development. The “others” in this article most likely are the authorities who fail to adhere to the new regulations of the new vision. The target audience of the article are human rights advocates, and any right-minded logical person who would see that the system that is trying to be built is being hindered by the actions of the established order. This audience shares the values of recognizing a wrong act, correct administering of punishment, and tolerance in society, which ought to be done in this kingdom. This article does relate to the use of the term the Greeks used to refer to the Persians, “barbarians,” in that the Persians did instill harsh punishments over their people for small matters: “If a Persian has leprosy, he is not allowed to enter into a city, or to have dealings with other Persians; he must, they say, have sinned against the sun.” Even though the modern definition of “barbaric” does conform with the ways of the Persians in the types of treatments, it has a sort of hyperbolic meaning to that of the Greeks’ description of the Persians, in that the Greeks only thought they were barbaric due to the difference in lifestyles, and mainly speech. The word has now taken the stance of something that would not be morally acceptable.


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“The Persian image specifically underwent the highest degree of artistic license and the result is a stark contrast between the ugliness of the “others” against the nobility of the Greek soldiers.” –


In the article, “’Barbaric act’: World reacts to Barcelona Attack,” leaders from all around the world condemn the acts of the driver of the van who ploughed through hundreds of people on a famous tourist location in Barcelona, Spain. This dreadful event led to the demise of ten people, and the wounding of one hundred other persons, with nationalities stretching over 18 countries. Many world leaders addressed this situation, deeming this act as “revolting,” “cowardly,” and “barbaric.” In this article, the “other” being referred to is the driver of the van, who was claimed by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. The target audience of this article has a wide range, which includes the families of the victims of this senseless act, the citizens of Spain, and to the victims of other terrorist acts internationally. All these people share the value of eradicating these horrendous people from society and putting a halt to the violent demonstrations. The actions of the driver do relate to the use of the term “barbaric,” used to classify the Persians by the Greeks, in that the Persians did take extreme measures to get across a point, like, said before, exiling a citizen with leprosy – “If a Persian has leprosy, he is not allowed to enter into a city, or to have dealings with other Persians; he must, they say, have sinned against the sun.” But, again, the modern-day use of this word has a more violent and somewhat evolved meaning to that of the Greek, which simply meant nothing like us.

These two articles are similar in manner to the use of the terms “barbaric” and “barbarian.” They both exhibit situations of senseless power and ill use of violence to maintain order or to carry across a point, but the contexts in which the term was used represent how much the word has evolved over time. In Greek times, it was used to describe people the Greeks didn’t know, and especially who, they said, only said “bar,” “bar,” “bar.” In conclusion, there are some similarities, but major differences, mostly due to how society has changed over time and the word’s evolved meaning.


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Barbaric Politics

India is currently under control by a communist party. The political party is using horrific crimes to stop activists from overthrowing them. Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, activist, was brutally murdered with 89 wounds on his body. This crime was described to be barbaric in nature and a disgrace to humanity. Federal Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said, “It is cruelty of a barbaric nature…Even an enemy country wouldn’t do this kind of brutality but a political party did this.” In a third world country, having different political ideologies and opinions could very well get one killed. It is not uncommon that politics in India use lack of freedom of speech to instill fear among the masses. People with controversial opinions are censored by the government for having opposing and disagreeing opinions of the people in power.
In both articles, activists are seen as the “other” in which the government finds as a threat. The target audience is the rest of the world to raise awareness of what is happening in communist India. A social value that is clearly being affirmed as a shared value for the whole world is freedom of speech. Not only is it a given human right from birth, but in third world countries such as India, speaking out against the government results in the lost of a loved one. Similar to the readings in Herodotus, it states that, “No one is so foolish as to prefer war to peace, in which, instead of sons burying fathers, fathers bury their sons.” (1.87 Croesus is defeated by Cyrus) The government is represented as a father. It is supposed to be a civilized system that not only protects their people, but makes sure order is kept in place. How can the Indian population trust their government if they keep taking the lives of innocent civilians just for speaking out about a problem that they do not agree with? Everyone shares a different outlook on a matter, but endless killing to solve the government’s problem results in a corrupt and biased society. It makes the masses revolt against the people in power and makes them fear the society they live in.
The definition of barbarian seen in our readings is one that is ostracized for being different (in terms of culture, race, dialect, physical features, etc.) Barbarians in Greek culture were people who weren’t Greek. In terms of today’s society, barbarians are known as people who commit merciless and audacious crimes against another individual. There is never a time where hearing the word barbarian brings a positive outcome; barbaric is always associated with something negative that happens. In both articles, it exposes the barbaric and monstrous ways the communist Indian government copes with their problem. The death of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, along with many other activists, were made into examples of what would happen if the public did not comply with the government’s orders. Both articles represent the term barbaric as an underlying offense that continuously occurs. Murder of another man is always the easiest solution, yet it is an endless and inhumane cycle. The only solution to tame barbaric behavior is to work in numbers and rebel against a corrupted government.

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You Uncultured Swine

As we all learned in class, the word “Barbarian” comes from the Greek description of those who didn’t speak their language. Since the foreigners would sound like, “Bar, bar, bar…” they decided to classify them as such. However, over the years the meaning slightly changed. When we think of the word now, we classify it as someone who is uncivilized or a savage.

As mentioned in the first book of Herodotus’ Histories, Herodotus refers to the Persians as barbarians because they are strangers to the Greek and contrasted from the way that they looked. “For Asia, with all the various tribes of barbarians that inhabit it, is regarded by the Persians as their own; but Europe and the Greek race they look on as distinct and separate.”(Book 1 chap. 4)

“The barbarian Antifa are genuinely contemptible, and unfortunate innocents, like the martyred Heather Heyer, sometimes find themselves on the same side of the barricades as these thugs.” (Rabinovitz) In the article, Calling Out Leftist Violence: Antifa’s Unchecked Attacks, the Antifa are referred to as barbarians because they ‘violently attacked innocent people.’ The targeted audience would be the public and also the government. There are a number of people outraged about how terribly the Antifa acted and how the police just stood there watching. Everyone wants justice to be served and social order to be maintained if this happens again.

The article, Texas Abortion Restriction Is Temporarily Blocked, discusses the federal judge temporarily blocking a law against second trimester abortion. This is where the whole “morality” debate amongst people come into play. Some agree with this ruling while others, like Ken Paxton, disapprove. “The Texas attorney general, Ken Paxton, criticized the ruling. Marc Rylander, a spokesman for Mr. Paxton’s office, said in a statement that dilation-and-evacuation abortions were ”gruesome and inhumane, which makes it troubling that a District Court would block Texas’ lawful authority to protect the life of unborn children from such a barbaric practice.” (Astor, para. 8) He uses the word ‘barbaric’ as a synonym to ‘unlawful’ or ‘cruel’. This means that those who agree or goes through with this procedure, they too are barbaric. Just like the previous article that I mentioned, the focused article would be towards the public and the government.

Both articles about the abortion and Antifa use the word ‘barbaric’ and ‘barbarians’ to describe cruel and unlawful people. On the other hand, Herodotus uses it to classify a specific group that the Greeks were unfamiliar with. As we could see, the meaning of the word has definitely been altered throughout the years.

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Are Yesterdays Barbarians The Same As Todays?

The word “barbaric” is best defined as “primitive; unsophisticated” or simply not in the norm. The definition best illustrates how the word barbaric and how someone or thing is constituted as such should be evolving and changing as we move forward. An example of this would be the difference in how the Greek viewed barbarism in ancient times and how we as modern 21st century view barbarism. During the time of the Greek a barbarian was one that did not speak their tongue. The Hellenic themselves saw barbarians just because of the change in speech. Ex: Book One of Herodotus: “The Hellenic race has never, since its first origin, changed its speech… It was a branch of the Pelasgic, which separated from the main body.” Where else us as the millennial in modern day constitute a barbarian as one that doesn’t share not our tongue but our views. One who thinks differently. Our views of barbarians shifted from people who didn’t share our language and our land to people who don’t share our belief and views. We could share almost everything: heritage, language or skin pigment, however if we do not hold the same views then we are seen as barbarians.

I came across a couple articles pertaining to barbarism while reading the newspaper this past week. The first article I read was about “Pulling Back on the Barbaric Use of Solitary Confinement.” It spoke about the consequences solitude confinement has on the mind and how the act of solitary confinement was and is barbaric. The article spoke on how these barbaric or out of the norm form of punishment affects our society and why they are “barbaric.” According to the article the barbaric act was found mainly in the consequences these actions made. The article noted that “based on research, isolation promotes mental illness and self-harm and the conditions of solitary caused or worsened depression, paranoia and outbursts of anger that often result in even more time in isolation.” In this article the act of depriving one the right to certain freedoms was what made it barbaric.” Just as how not speaking or assimilating with the Greek culture and custom was barbaric and inhumane as is with the isolation of human life in todays era.

The second article I read was on “Acid becoming weapon of choice among teens in London amid growing attacks.” This article spoke on the barbarity in which actions were displayed. The article addressed the way in which certain British citizens have fought back against the recent attacks with the use of acid. According to the article “A horrific wave of acid attacks have overtaken London, leaving victims gruesomely disfigured and suffering life-altering injuries.” Its important to understand that the greater majority of these people are committing these acts in defense but nonetheless doesn’t constitute that it’s not a barbaric act. In the article the thing that is barbaric is the action of these teens going out and attacking citizens. What is barbaric is not only just why but how they are attacking them. The fact that these children find it normal is what makes them the barbarians in this scenario. The article goes further in supporting why this is an unkind or inhumane act in stating: “The use of acid in attacks has even spread to children as young as 12 who have been arming themselves with substances “for self-defense.” For these teens to say that their actions are a result of self defense and thus are in some way are okay is what for me is barbaric. Not the action but the excuse. It shows a state of insanity.

In conclusion even as the definition of what being barbaric changes. Whether it’s the act or the excuse, I would best conclude it as something no logical person would think to do in his or her right mind. Just as those that were once for punishment by solitude isolation or exile by failure to assimilate, the act of is not confirming with the norm will always be barbaric.

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Barbarians in Barcelona

Back then in Ancient Greece the term “barbarian” was a little bit different from how it is today. The Greeks used this term to describe people who didn’t speak their language so they saw them as different and barbaric. However now a days when we use the words “barbarian” or “barbaric” we are usually describing something destructive, brutal and violent. Over time the words we use and their meanings have changed to fit society.

The news article called, “’Barbaric Act’: World Reacts to Barcelona Attack”, states,” “Revolting”, “cowardly”, and “barbaric” are some of the words leaders worldwide have used to describe the attack in Barcelona that killed 13 people.” Also another article called ” MASSACRE ON LAS RAMBLAS; 13 dead and 100 injured as van rams Barcelona tourists; Two suspects held, one shot dead after a barbaric Isis attack; Holidaymakers tell of horror amid scenes of carnage; Selfie sticks. Baby buggy wheels. .. and a scene of utter carnage” states, ” Broken bodies lay in pools of blood on the famous street, where shops, bars and restaurants are normally packed with tourists and locals.”.

These two articles talk about how terrorists drove a van into a crowd of tourists in a holiday hotspot, Las Ramblas in Barcelona. The ones being treated as the term, “Other”, in this case is the ISIS terrorists because they are the ones acting violently. I think the target audiences for these two articles are the ones who suffered any sort of pain from the events like loss of a family member or they 100 people that got injured from the van charging through the crowd. Besides the people who suffered in these events, I think the articles are also targeting the general readers as their target because it warns them to be careful and not to do such dangerous activities that cause others so much suffering.  One social value that’s being affirmed as a shared value towards the target audience is peace or the idea of it because in the articles, it shows that people were surprised that Barcelona would be a target of an attack. They were surprised because Barcelona is a beautiful city with a huge mix of different nationalities. Also another social value that is being expressed as a shared value towards the audience is sympathy. In the articles, many world leaders from various countries are showing sympathy towards the families of the ones who were killed and injured. An example of this is the Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy announcing a three day mourning period for the victims. The way we use the word “barbarian” or “barbaric” is very different compared to its meaning from ancient Greece. Besides using it to describe someone who spoke a different language or an outsider, Greeks used the word barbarian to describe a group of people or tribes. This is shown in Herodotus’ Histories in (1.4), “For Asia, with all the various tribes of barbarians that inhabit it, is regarded by the Persians as their own; but Europe and the Greek race they look on as distinct and separate.” The term “barbaric” or “barbarian” are used the same to describe how violent the terrorists acts were.

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Using the term Barbarian may have gone too far

In this article Robbie Travers, the law student who made such comments praising the air strike against ISIS, is being accused of Islamophobia, due to his insensitive comments. “I’m glad we could bring these barbarians a step closer to collecting their 72 virgins,” This facebook post, risks the safety of minority students at his college. MInorities, especially those who are muslim are being treated as “other” by this student.
He uses the word barbarians in place of ISIS and uses a mocking tone which seems racially charged. The use of barbarian in this phrase seems similar to the Greek definition, referring to being uncivilized, savage, and generally being inferior to others.The Greek used the word barbarian as a way to distinguish themselves from those who didn’t speak their language, and as a way to hold themselves to a higher standard, dragging the other party down in the process. Through this student’s comments, it was racially insensitive, and seemed to put all muslims in a box, while also risking the lives of others in the process. The target audience of this article, would be everyone, as people need to be informed on racial issues to prevent ignorance. The social value being affirmed as a shared value for the target audience would be to be respectful of everyone in order to prevent conflict and ignorance.In Herodotus, the’ other’ is referred to men with no wealth, as they are lower down the hierarchy in terms of social class.Men of the former class excel those of the latter but in two respects;these last excel the former in many.The wealthy man is better able to content his desires,and to bear up against a sudden buffet of calamity. The other has less ability to withstand these evils…”

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