Can faith be changed?

In Greek mythology, Oedipus is seen as one of the greatest tragic heroes. He was cursed from birth and had no other choice but live through the fate that was give to him. After his birth, there was a prophecy. It was said that Oedipus would kill his own father and marry his birth mother, after hearing the prophecy Oedipus’s father King Laius pierces the baby’s ankle and leaves him on the mountain to die, to prevent the curse from occurring. However, a shephard Comes along and saves the child…After growing up, Oedipus decides to find his real parents. So he goes to “Oracle of Delphi”. The oracle doesn’t tell him who his real parents are, however, she does inform him about the prophecy. Oedipus tries to run from his fate however he runs right into it. He kills Laius after getting into an arguments with him at the crossroads. Oedipus then goes to thebes and wins the throne by solving the riddle and marries his own mother jocasta unknowingly.

Similarly in the original Disney movie “The sleeping beauty” a child is born in the royal family. the king throws a celebration for his newborn Aurora and invites everyone in the kingdom but the wicked queen. the evil queens crashed the celebration and curses the innocent child to prick her finger on a spinning wheel and die from it at the age of sixteen. after hearing the curse the king tries to prevent it just like king Laius. So, he sends away his newborn daughter to the deepest village with three fairies who turns themselves to humans in order to blend in with people and keep the baby’s identity a secret. while Aurora lives hidden the king orders to collect all the spinning wheel and lock them up in one place. time passes and right before Aurora’s 16th birthday she is brought into the castle. Everyone is relieved that she was still alive. the king thinks he changed the curse however what he fails to realize is that he was leading her to the curse, when aurora finds out that she’s the princess she becomes upset. She also learns about the curse, she becomes upset with her parents for casting her away, not realizing they did it in order to keep her alive. She comes into the castle heartbroken and finds herself outside the room where all the spinning wheels were hidden. She goes in and pricks her finger on one of the spinning wheels and she falls in a deep sleep. The disney ones again proves one’s inability to run away from faith nor change it.

After hearing his fate oedipus left his adopted parents and the city he grew up I in order to avoid killing his father and sleeping with his wife while he was already told that he was adopted. Oedipus was very stubborn so he fled his hometown thinking he ditched the curse, and those were his real parents. However, right after his fled he faces faith and does exactly as it was said in the prophecy.

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