We ”KNOW” Alexander the Great!!

Do you know who Alexander the Great was? What do you know about him? Where did you learn about him?  Write up the answers you received as a blog post.

Temurbek Sabirov, Best friend, Age 18, Student, Snapchat conversation. “Yes, I know him He is basically a dude who was student of Aristotle. People say he was from Macadonia. He conquered half of the world. He educated the world by whatever he learned from Aristotle. I learned this from back in my country Uzbekistan”.

Kevin Chun, Friend, Age 17, Student, Facebook messenger conversation. “Yea I know him. I think he was a conquer from Greek world. He wasn’t a good guy. He controlled people. I learned about him in High School”.

Siam Hadid, Friend, Age 19, Student, Snapchat messenger conversation. “um I heard of him, He is some guy I had to write essays on in global class. He did some wars. He was a military leader. I learned about him in high school”.

All the answers I received from my friends show how little to no knowledge they have about Alexander. They all learned about him at some point but still don’t have the right information. One of them mentioned how he educated the world “from time to time he umpired his fellow students . And when he saw a team being defeated , he joined in the battle. and then, in turn, it was victorious. ( Alexander Romance, 30) ” It shows how  they were right about him being a leader and educator but they still don’t know as much as  I and the people in our class learn. My friends learned about him ones but we learned about him in details, which is why we know more. As we learned in our Art class, During Hellenistic period Alexander was always shown clean-shaven, which was an innovation, because all previous portraits of Greek statues or rulers had beards. We can see the pic without beard, this fashion lasted for almost five hundred years. – Fizza Saeed, Team Hermesalaxander