Pantheon or High School?!?! (Cameron Cannon)

If you say this is Midwood High School then you are correct! If you said “Wow, Brooklyn Pantheon!” you are also correct. This is an image I took outside of Midwood while waiting for the B6 bus. It has six Ionic columns similar to that of the Pantheon in Rome, Italy. An ionic column can be recognized easily with the scrolls on it’s capital and are thin compared to the deisel Doric columns that were made in the proportion of men.

This building was built in 1940 as the result of the Works Project Administration to hire millions of unskilled workers who happened to be unemployed.  Midwood also has a Georgian Cuopla [fun fact]. Along with it’s Greek artitecture, Midwood’s motto is a latin phrase, “Verus, Bonus, Et Pulcher” meaning the true, the good and the beautiful”. So, if you ever think it’s hard to find any ancient form of art in New York City, right across the street from Brooklyn College is the perfect inspiration and I did not look too hard.

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