In this image that I am going to show cannot find it in your everyday life but you can see it in the MET. I found this painting appropriate for this blog because first, theres monkeys and second because it reminded me a lot of Vermeers painting from class. “The Art of Painting” by Johannes Vermeer depictes a painting of Vermeer himself painting in a very elegant and nobel dress, in comparison to the monkeys in “The Experts” by Alexandre-Gabriel Decamps. “The Experts” shows not a person painting but monkeys examining a piece of art work to show that the art of the past should indicate contemporary taste. In this case, a comparison with the meaning behind “The art of painting” show art’s importance while “The Experts” shows the arts meaning. The composition in both paintings enhances a physical and emotional depiction of the narrator’s view. Moreso, monkeys are depicting themselves as educated and having modest dress showing wealth similar to Vermeer’s painting. These monkeys separate the difference between 1600 and 1800 century art with the new movement of antiquity. In the scenery of “The Experts” seems to be a messy looking studio while Vermeer was more of a clean slick look. I believe Vermeer was trying too hard depicting himself as an ideal painter. Therefore, despite differences in the narrators depiction of art, they both revolve in the emphasises on structure and composition for a direct connection to the audience. Painters are this time didn’t had much literary individuals so pictures were a great way to inform meaning and a story. 

The Vermeer of Today


This is a picture of me taking a picture of myself. Later, after taking this picture, I realized that there are some aspects of my picture that are similar to Johannes Vermeer’s, The Art of Painting. In Vermeer’s The Art of Painting, one of the people he painted in his painting is himself, and as you can see I am also featured in my picture. Although my picture is not an oil on canvas painting, there is also some soft lighting on the back wall, just as Vermeer had in his painting. 

-Izadora Joseph-Augustin, Team Aphrodite