Team Aphrodite Studies


Today in order to better prepare ourselves for the midterm, Edyta, Bedirhan, and I ( Izadora)  decided to have a study session on the second floor of the Brooklyn College library after class. Initially, it was kind of hectic because we realized there was a lot of content to cover and we had no idea where to start. Then as we settled down we decided to simply take it one note taking sheet at a time. At first, we covered the first note taking sheet we ever did, which was on Aphrodite. We started with the first because we covered that a very long time ago and we felt it merited to be reviewed more in-depth. At the end of our time in the library, I truly felt like the session was a huge success.


Team Ares

Team Members:

Skaie -Team Leader

Marissa -Recorder

Aisha- Recorder

Adam- Speaker

Sean- Recorder

300 Movie Artemisia:

Movie Clip:

ARTEMISIA DEATH – 300 , 28 seconds

Notes: (5 bullet points)

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Group Work/Study: