See Aphrodite From Another Class

This is a painting of Venus, the Roman version Aphrodite. We learned this painting from our ART 1010 class. It is called “Venus of Urbino”, painted by Titian in 1538. We know about Aphrodite form our first Clas 1110 class. “Archer, bind me down with triple those endless chains! Let all you goddess too how I’d love to bed that golden Aphrodite!” This is the quote that I chose from “Song of Demodocus”. Apollo asked Quicksilver that does he want to sleep with Aphrodite and this quote was the answer that Quicksilver gave. He is obsessed with the golden Aphrodite’s beauty. She is golden, she is attractive, and he cannot control his wild thinking of sleeping with her despite the fact that she is married already. From the painting, we can see that Venus is golden too. Look at the painting, Venus has an attractive face, it is just perfectly symmetrical. Look at her sensual body, isn’t it is perfectly in proportion? Look at her beautiful golden hair, her silky smooth skin. She is just perfectly beautiful. From the poem and the painting, both depict Aphrodite’s beauty. In the poem, there is a sense when she is wearing a flower crown when she went back home from her father, Zeus’ palace. In Titian’s painting, Venus is holding a bouquet of flower with her right hand too. However, even these two pieces of art are about the goodness of love, but they are from different culture, the poem is from Greek and the painting is from Roman. However, Roman culture art had been strongly influenced by Greek culture. Therefore, Venus is the Aphrodite goodness in Roman culture.


#Qiyi, Team Vesta

💗Aphrodite & Etude House💗

It is that time of the year when nearly all of us look tired, worn out and dull. Yes, winter is approaching and our skin needs more care than usual as the dry coldness with harsh winds blows the moisture out of it. Have you seen people who look radiant and bright even during winter? I personally, have not, and if I ever did pardon my French but they must be blessed by Aphrodite herself 😉

Aphrodite was known to be extremely beautiful, her beauty was extraordinary. Her looks charmed everyone, and with that she could make anyone do as she pleased. “-And beauty shone from her cheeks – an immortal beauty, the kind that marks the one with the beautiful garlands, the goddess from Kythera” (Hymn to Aphrodite.) Although there is nothing we can do to become gods, we can try to make our skin look fresh and bright. “Why skin?”- you may be wondering. Well that is because everything starts with skin, skin is an indicator of your health, and you can tell a lot by the person’s skin condition. When you apply make up, it most certainly lays smoothly if your skin is moisturized and plump compared to it being dry and flaky~

Additionally, Aphrodite seems soft, gentle as she refers to her as the virgin. So the colors I envision when I think of her are shades of pink. Hence, here is my small pink collection from Etude House that can provide some care for your skin and finish your look!


Items: 1) Play Color Eyes #Cherry Blossom ; 2) [BERRY DELICIOUS] Color in Liquid Lips_Juicy #37 OR210 3)[SET] Bubble Tea Sleeping Pack 3-in-1 Kit [Strawberry]

Using this Bubble Tea Sleeping pack will make your skin look and feel very moisturized the next morning, it is a great solution for dry skin. Additionally, as it is a strawberry pack, it helps to brighten your skin as well.. So if you, like me, look very dull in winter time, this mask will be your savior. Now, the lipstick included is honestly one of my favorites, the shade is really pretty and it feels good on your lips. It does not transfer as much, and lasts pretty long too. Also, the packaging is extremely cute. The eye-shadow pallet has a variety of colors, with which you can complete your look and make yourself look really fresh. The colors are Spring themed, however, I personally think it is really nice to wear something like that to brighten your dull days in winter time. Bless Etude House for these wonderful products that let us look, maybe not exactly like Aphrodite but relatively close 😉 . “On her lovely face, ever smiling, an alluring bloom shimmers” (Hymn to Aphrodite(The Cyprian). Gotta brighten our days with colorful make up, and bright smiles. #winteriscoming.

-Diana, Team Mercury.


IMG_8466 (1)

Yes!! This is me being extremely messy while enjoying my Caesar salad. I love salads and this one has always been my favorite. While I was doing my readings for class and learning about Caesar in unit seven, the name Caesar sounded so delicious. I love food but I didn’t think of my favorite salad until yesterday. I was extremely hungry and while I shoved that salad down my throat I realized how it relates to what we are learning in class. I told my friend to take my ( nice) picture because my hunger doesn’t let me do anything. Which is why I look this weird in the picture but it does show my true personality so  its ok  to make fun of yourself sometimes. The fact that classics teachings came in my mind shows how our minds work. We go through our days seeing so many things and people but never truly pay attention to our surroundings. The name Caesar is actually a salad name as well is such a crazy concept but its also delicious. We all should enjoy it. I have learned to be more carefull and aware of myself because I realized how knowledge gives us power to be able to enjoy things more. Relating one thing to completely a differnet object is great fun and shows how learning is endless. This class has truly helped me see things differently and I’m forever grateful. Yours truly Fizza saeed – Team Hermes

Aphrodite Everywhere

FateMuse, tell me the things done by golden Aphrodite, the one from Cyphrus, who arouses sweet desire for the gods, and who subdues the races of mortal humans.

Homeric Hymm to Ahprodite l. 1-3

The starbucks mermaid is a refernce to the origins of Aphrodite or at least one version of her birth. One version is that she is a daughter of Zeus. Another is ththat she was born from the foam of the sea that was made when Kronos mutalited his father Uranus, and throwing the bits into the sea making sea foam. When she came out the nymphs bathed her and dressed her in fine clothes making her all the more resplendent in her beauty. Additionally she was also known as Lady Cyphrus as that is considered sacred to her and that is an island in the sea. Ahprodite is also known to beguile mortals with her beauty and while this doesn’t exactly beguile lesser mortals into doing what she wishes she is a sign to get good coffee promising people that it is worth the slightly more expensive prices.

The hymn refers to her beauty, a beauty which leads her to be vain. A vanity which led to the Trojan War. Aphrodite has a deadly beauty which bewitches the Olympian Gods themselves as well as mortal men. The first line of the hymn is tell me the things done by this golden but terrible goddess which implies that she is not all that benevolent, in fact examples of her anger can be seen throughout the many Greek Myths. Her jealousy towards her eventual daughter-in-law Psyche, her role in the Trojan war, and her affair with Ares due to her vanity behind her husband’s back are just some. It’s one of the differences between the Starbucks mermaid and the actual goddess of the myths. The Starbucks mermaid is simply a benign symbol that gets people to spend more on coffee aside from being a commercial mascot that represents a brand. The goddess of the myth is a whimsical, somewhat sinister being that gets her enjoyment from twisting around god and mortal.

*I had trouble trying to set a picture here so the picture of the starbucks logo that is above the post is the one I’m referencing to.

Fatema Islam
Team Jupiter