What is considered perfect?

Everyone has their own opinion when it comes to defining a perfect society. However, there are some basic qualities a society should have in order to be nearly as perfect. According to “Reclaiming America’s values” by Joe Biden, the writer focuses on our foreign policy and how America always promotes the ideal society should be made from people who want the best for the country and views everyone as an equal, most importantly democracy, which includes freedom of religion, freedom of speech and so on. He states that although America is far from perfect we never give up and always strive to be the best and achieve a near perfection of a society. “While the United States is far from perfect, we have never given up the struggle to grow closer to the ideals in our founding documents” however in the article he also states that America lacks in providing its citizens with full democratic values due to populist attacks from opposing countries.“ at a time when democratic values are under siege around the globe-from populist attacks… who try to bolster their power by closing the space for civil society… the world cannot afford to have America cede the field to illiberalism and intolerance.
Joe Biden brings out an excellent point About America trying to fix its imperfections and trying to make the country greater than before. By keeping our democratic values we’re one step ahead from the other countries and closer to becoming an ideal one. What makes America a nearly a perfect society is its values. America greatly values and respects an individual’s rights no matter what religion or ethnicity they are.

I certainly believe Plato would have agreed with Joe biden, because in the reading Socrates talks about Democracy and freedom and equality. While discussing how to rule the city and govern it properly. Socrates brings out good points on what makes a good leader, what would make the citizens happy. In book 8 of plato, socrates mentions few things about how the city could be governed properly. “Women must be shared ;children and their entire education must be shared; in both peace and war, pursuits must be shared; and their kings must be those among them who have proved best both in philosophy and where war is concerned.”(543a) in other words, socrates says a king should be someone who knows his citizens. Someone who has interactions with them. So in the future he doesn’t govern over them, but, will govern with them. Also whether old or young, women or men everyone should have part in the government. If there’s war or celebration. Everything must be shared. Also later in the reading socrates speaks about always trying to improve the way they govern